Choose Your Words Carefully

I don’t expect to do a lot of posting here. I discovered that putting information and ideas into well organized books is more productive than ranting on the Internet.

Nevertheless, blogs have their uses.

This first post is reserved primarily for comments on my book, Jew Flu, and other comments of a general nature.

This blog will be as heavily censored as the corporate media. I prefer intelligent discussions over an army of media whores’ endless bullshit.

However, there is a place for accusations and profanity. Just don’t veer into libel.

Note: Do NOT call me an “anti-Semite” or “antisemitic.” I have nothing against Arabs, and I’ve even met a few Jews who appeared to be decent people. If you want to call me anti-Jew, you’ll be much closer to the mark. However, the word that most accurately describes me is anti-Jewarchist.

In fact, you really don’t want to use words like antisemitic or antisemitism at all, unless you use them in an intelligent manner. The correct terms are anti-Jew and anti-Jewism.


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