When the coronavirus lockdown is finally lifted, I will probably either publish a revised version of Jew Flu or publish a sequel.

In the meantime, I’ll add occasional updates on this page. Unfortunately, I can’t keep up with the daily blizzard of news and views, so I can only focus on a few highlights for now.

Donald Trump’s Medical Miracle

First, isn’t it amazing that Donald Trump—who is in his 70’s—was (allegedly) diagnosed with COVID-19, yet he spent just two days in the hospital? When he was released, Trump appeared fit and chipper.

Was it just an election-year publicity stunt?

Underwhelming Death Toll

As of December 12, 2020, the global death toll was 1.6 million, including 198,000 fatalities in the U.S. Pretty scary stuff, huh?

Let’s start with the U.S.

The U.S. had a population of 328 million in 2019. That means the coronavirus death toll (198,000) was about .06% of the population.

In 2015, the U.S. recorded a mortality rate of about 1,000 out of 100,000, or 1%. If we factor in the deaths attributed to COVID-19, our mortality increases from 1% to about 1.06%, hardly a breathtaking difference.

The figure is even less astonishing when you consider that most of the victims are elderly. And the difference almost disappears if most of the fatalities involved people with “underlying health problems.” If you’re elderly, and you have heart disease or emphysema, you’re going to eventually die, period.

Looking at it from another perspective, approximately one U.S. citizen out of every 1,657 has died from COVID-19. In my hometown, with a current population of about 3,000, that would equate to about three deaths.

In fact, enough people in my home town die every year to support a local funeral home. The local paper regularly publishes obituaries.

Next, let’s look at the global figures.

In 2020, the global population is estimated at 7.8 billion. A COVID-19 death toll of 1.6 million equals approximately .02% of the global population. That’s just a third of the rate recorded for the U.S.!

From another perspective, one out of every 4,875 people has (allegedly) died of COVID-19. If we round that off to one out of every 5,000, then a city with a population of 10,000 would lose, on average, two people.

How many residents of that city would die as a result of flu or pneumonia every year? In fact, the increase in fatalities probably wouldn’t even be noticed by statisticians if they weren’t aware of COVID-19.

Cure Worse than the Disease

Economic hardships, isolation and increasing government authoritarianism have taken a toll on billions of people around the world. Let’s not forget the children have had two school years shot out from under them.

Is this a fair price to pay for the survival of .02% of the population consisting primarily of people who are nearing the end of their lives, anyway?

Some would argue that life trumps everything. So let’s talk about suicide.

One out of every four young adults in the U.S. has had suicidal thoughts within the last thirty days, according to a survey announced by the CDC. Not surprisingly, suicide rates have increased worldwide.

It could be two years before the toll is known. But suppose it was discovered that the global suicide rate reached .01% of the population. If we add .02% of coronavirus fatalities (most of them elderly) and .01% suicide fatalities (covering all ages), we get a total fatality rate of .03%.

But what about homelessness?

The homelessness situation here in liberal Seattle was apocalyptic even before the coronavirus pandemic. The homeless population has reportedly doubled under the lockdown, though I suspect that it has actually tripled or quadrupled.

When pResident Joe Biden takes office on January 20, 2020, we’re probably going to see yet another lockdown, this one lasting one hundred days. It will probably be harsher and more rigorously enforced than any of Trump’s lockdowns.

How many homeless people will there be when it’s all over?

Personally, I think homelessness is a fate worse than death. If I was cast into the homeless’ ranks, I would commit suicide.

Not surprisingly, homeless people are stalked by death to a frightening degree. Hunger, cold and crime all take a toll. For those who survive, there’s no future. They will spend the rest of their lives mired in misery, and their lifespans will be significantly shortened. That has to be added to the cost of the pandemic lockdown.

Speaking of the homeless, how are the millions of refugees spawned by America’s endless wars faring? Let’s not forget the fact that the U.S. has manipulated the pandemic in inflicting pain on its self-declared enemies, notably Iran, Venezuela and China.

Let’s not forget that, even in the U.S., elderly people often have to continue working just to survive. A globally battered economy adds up to a lot of hunger.

Jewish Media Lockdown

About December 10, I received a warning that I would be banned from Facebook if I post coronavirus conspiracy theories.

The irony is that the social media freely promote the lies of corporate buffoons, from Donald Trump to Bill Gates.

Free speech is clearly on the chopping block.

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