Jew Flop

The most amazing thing happened to me during my 2020 campaign for the office of Washington State Governor. It was funnier than Hell, and it’s a reminder that Jews and the media whores who work for them aren’t all powerful.

The official legal trail begins here. However, the star of the show was my final response, which is copied below for your entertainment.

David Blomstrom vs Glen Morgan, et al.

August 18, 2020

Attn: Public Disclosure Commission

On August 7, 2020, you sent me a complaint filed by one Glen Morgan (PDC Case Number 74124) alleging the following:

Allegation One: Violation of RCW 42.17A.320 for failure to disclose sponsor identification with party affiliation on political advertising
Allegation Two: Violation of RCW 42.17A.235 and .240, and WAC 390-16-125 for exceeding mini-reporting limitations without prior authorization from the PDC.

One glance at the complaint told me it was a lengthy rant filed by a nutcake. It appeared to be nothing more than a repetition of the two original complaints inspired by my “Jew Flu” postcard, hopelessly buried in a tidal wave of name-calling and bizarre (and sometimes preposterous) claims.

Accordingly, I sent you a brief response asking you to refer to my response to two earlier complaints.

However, after taking a closer look at Morgan’s complaint—along with Glen Morgan himself—I decided it would be prudent to file a more detailed response. This document also addresses the first two complaints and supersedes my original response to them.

I want to make my case crystal clear. At the same time, Morgan’s complaint is not just extremely biased and hypocritical but libelous to boot.

Since Morgan is obviously using the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) to advance his right-wing agenda and try to smear me, and since this complaint is a public record, I feel compelled to not only address Morgan’s specific allegations of RCW violations but his obsessive attacks on my character. I want my supporters and anyone else who reads this to understand not just the specific allegations and my response but the bigger picture—which was frankly a revelation to me.

At the same time, I’m thinking of revising my book Jew Flu, adding a chapter focusing on the now famous postcard (including the complaints it inspired), and I want to make sure I’ve documented all the facts.

Given that the PDC is overwhelmed (largely due to Glen Morgan), you might not appreciate my lengthy response. However, I have done my best to organize it in a user-friendly manner.

This document is organized into nine sections. The first three help put things in perspective, making it a little easier for political novices to understand the big picture.

The fourth section addresses the first two complaints filed against me.

The fifth section takes a closer look at Glen Morgan and a media whore named Jim Camden.

The sixth section is a copy of Morgan’s complaint, annotated with my comments. All text copied from Morgan’s complaint is highlighted with a gray background, with “PDC Troll” representing “Glen Morgan.”

PDC Troll – “Blah, blah, blah”

The seventh section summarizes my response to the complaints that were filed against me. The eighth section is sort of a summary of a summary. This is probably the section the PDC will want to view first.

The last section is a closing, designed in part to help put everything in perspective for my supporters.

To cut to the chase, this case hinges on the question of whether my postcard mailer should be classified as political advertising. If the answer is yes, then I did indeed err in not including sponsorship information.

However, I still would not have exceeded mini-reporting limitations according to an e-mail I received from the PDC just a few days ago. In plain English, I spent less than $5,000 on my campaign, and it all came out of my own pocket.

However, I view my postcard as a book promotion that simply identifies me as a candidate for public office, which I believe is covered by the First Amendment. Coincidentally (or not), all three complaints filed against me focus primarily on the book’s title, “Jew Flu,” once again making this a free speech issue.

Thank you.

David W. Blomstrom

Jew Flu postcardThe now famous Jew Flu postcard, which tricked Washington State’s panicked gatekeepers into giving the book more publicity than the author could have afforded. Could a free speech lawsuit catapult the book to even greater heights?

I. “Antisemitism” vs Free Speech ˆ

In late July, 2020, I put together a mailing to promote my book Jew Flu. I mailed postcards to 5,000 Washington residents, and two recipients responded by filing a complaint with the PDC. Another individual who wasn’t targeted by the mailing (Glen Morgan) also filed a complaint. Morgan’s complaint quotes a media whore, Jim Camden, who has written about my campaign and my mailing for his paper, the Spokesman-Review.

Most, if not all, of these four individuals have accused me of peddling “antisemitism” and/or “hate speech.”

It isn’t clear if I should even address that charge, as it’s beyond the Public Disclosure Commission’s jurisdiction, as far as I know. However, I do want to address it, because that particular claim dominates the complaints, which are public record.

When I ran for the office of Washington State Governor in 2016, I used my campaign to promote a new word I coined: Jewarchy (excessive Jewish power and corruption). You can learn more about it on the website

The word antisemitism literally means a hatred of Semites, which includes Jews and Arabs. Even Encyclopedia Britannica calls it a “misnomer.” On top of that, the word is wildly manipulated by an army of propagandists.

A person who has a blanket hatred of all Jews is more properly (and honestly) called anti-Jew (similar to anti-Communist, anti-Chinese, etc.). A person who hates Israel or everyone who supports Israel (including non-Jews) is anti-Zionist.

A person who hates all corruption in the Jewish community, from the illegitimate Israeli terrorist state to New York City’s Jewish bankers, is anti-Jewarchy (or anti-Jewarchist).

In short, I’m not an anti-Semite. Ironically, the biggest anti-Semites on the planet are the Jews who are terrorizing, torturing and murdering Palestinians and Arabs in other countries.

However, their campaign of terrorism and exploitation goes far beyond the Middle East, making Jews, or many of them, the equivalent of white supremacists (many of whom are working for the Jews).

This statement, apparently attributed to Jewish Voice for Peace, really puts “antisemitism” in perspective:

“Using the antisemitism label so vaguely and liberally not only stunts free speech, but also makes actual threats to Jewish people harder to identify and combat. This weaponizing of antisemitism is not only ’canceling’ Palestinian rights advocates and failing to make Jews any safer; it’s also using Jews to cancel others.”

You can learn more about this surprisingly confusing topic in my forthcoming book Jews 101.

JewarchyThere is some overlap between anti-Jewism, anti-Zionism and anti-Jewarchism, but anti-Semitism is a can of worms. Ironically, Donald Trump, Obama and Hillary Clinton all did Israel’s bidding yet rank as some of America’s most powerful anti-Semites. Another irony: The Jews themselves are leading the charge in calling them anti-Semites! You can find many references via Google.

How the title “Jew Flu” constitutes “hate speech” is a mystery.

Virtually all U.S. citizens hate someone. Donald Trump is notoriously hateful. Even Obama continued murdering innocent Pakistanis with unmanned drones and torturing Muslims at Guantanamo Bay while he destroyed Libya. That goes far beyond hate speech, yet I don’t hear any Jews complaining.

Please note that I’m a fierce advocate of free speech (and fair speech). In the political arena, that includes name calling and the use of words that many people consider inappropriate or obscene.

One example that has gained universal acceptance is the term media whore. The media—which are generally controlled by Jews—are extremely corrupt, and the damage they cause is extraordinary.

While people like Jim Camden (who I’ll introduce shortly) are often described as reporters or journalists, in my book they’re media whores.

Note, also, that many people—including pResident Donald Trump and an army of media whores—freely use the term “China flu,” bringing back memories of America’s racist past, including Seattle’s anti-Chinese riots and the Japanese internment during World War II.

We also hear a lot about the “Spanish flu,” which did not originate in Spain.

Frankly, I’m not a big fan of double standards.

And so I proudly stand behind my book, title and all, even if Jews who hate Muslims and exploit non-Jews around the world want to call me a racist.

II. Campaign Laws 101 ˆ

Anyone who wants to put my case in perspective should learn a little about the laws governing political campaigning.

Consider the following statements from an article titled “Washington PDC needs fixing; don’t blame the messenger
(The News Tribune, March 24, 2017).

  • “The laws and rules around campaign finance have become a Byzantine structure which rewards insiders and punishes newcomers to the process.”
  • “There are many ways to violate the law, even unintentionally.”
  • “Most campaigns violate the law, and many don’t realize it. If almost everyone is violating the law, the problem is the law itself.”
  • “Most politicians and political committees are in violation to some degree.”

You’ll never guess who the author is. The guy who filed the crackpot complaint against me, Glen Morgan!

But before you blame the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC), check out this article: “PDC complaints becoming weapons in political wars” (Spokesman-Review, Dec. 10, 2017).

It once again quotes Glen Morgan—“I don’t believe anyone is in total compliance (with PDC rules).”

However, the main gist of the article is the growing caseload.

Nearly half a century ago, Washington voters approved an initiative with rules on campaign giving and spending. They also set up a commission to make sure the rules are followed.

However, the PDC and Attorney General offices are now overrun with complaints filed by trolls (or political assassins) who have “weaponized” Washington’s compliance laws. In fact, the number of complaints more than doubled between 2016 and 2017, from 243 to 525. At the same time, the PDC’s staffing has reportedly declined. Add to that 2020’s coronavirus woes, which have impacted everyone.

As the article suggests, Glen Morgan may be the biggest culprit, though he claims he’s merely a “symptom” of a larger problem.

Ironically, the article was written by media whore Jim Camden, who also plays a leading role in my story.

III. My Campaign ˆ

I became a political activist about 1995 and have never retired. Political campaigns and books are but a part of my activism.

I’ve run for public office ten times or more, beginning in 1999. I have always chosen the “mini-reporting” option, as I’ve never received more than one or two small contributions. In addition, I’ve never even explored the possibility of campaign advertising until 2020, and my initial attempts were shot down for one reason or another. Eventually, I launched a simpler, cheaper book promotion starring my now famous Jew Flu postcard.

I’ve never done a really thorough job of studying the laws associated with campaigning, as I always believed I was operating well within the law. My belief was bolstered by the fact that the PDC never alerted me to any problems with my past campaigns, nor did anyone file any complaints before 2020. The irony is that my very first campaign (1999) was apparently technically illegal, because I didn’t have the required sponsorship information on my campaign website.

In fact, I didn’t fully understand that requirement until the first complaints were filed against me this year. Moreover, I discovered that many candidates are apparently in the same boat, omitting sponsorship information from their campaign websites—and no one seems to notice or care.

I first ran for state office in 2000 and was surprised (and proud) to get 8% of the vote. That was very good, considering that one challenger (Arthur Hu) got more publicity than all the others combined, a second was backed by Paul Allen, and they were both dwarfed by the incumbent, Terry Bergeson.

That result encouraged me to continue running for public office as part of my broader activism campaign, learning more about politics and socio-political issues and making my name more familiar among voters along the way. Yet my showing in subsequent campaigns actually diminished as the election system was continually corrupted.

When I ran for Governor in 2016, I officially got about .3% of the vote in a crowded field of eleven candidates. I’m not convinced that figure is accurate, because there have been far too many anomalies in elections across the country, and there are some powerful people who want me to not just fail to get elected but officially register in last place, or close to it.

My campaigns are always ambitious, and I always find myself struggling just to get my campaign website squared away.

During Campaign 2020, I raised the stakes considerably. I began working on my campaign early in 2019. I had been working on several books about political topics, and I set a goal of publishing a “campaign trilogy” during the campaign.

I also set out to upgrade my campaign website, with a goal of creating my best campaign website ever.

At the same time, I was studying political science, history, psychology and philosophy, along with web design. I began embracing new technologies, buying a Chinese Huawei smartphone and getting a WeChat account set up. I also bought several new domains and launched a series of new websites associated with my forthcoming books.

On top of everything else, I formed my own corporation.

I worked on all the above while working a very physical day job. Actually, I work night shift and normally sleep until anywhere from 2-6 p.m. My job is classified as an essential service, and I’ve been exceptionally busy during the coronavirus pandemic.

If I work a second shift, I typically sleep until it’s time to go back to work the next night. If I work on Saturday, then I’m left with a one-day weekend. I get much of my work done while commuting to and from work and waiting between shifts.

In other words, I was completely overwhelmed with my work load, not to mention the challenge of learning new technologies, the intricacies of mailings, etc. Moreover, I had no campaign manager, treasurer or other staff to advise me on relevant laws or help me with my various chores.

As they say, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Nevertheless, I have discovered that violations similar to the ones I’ve been accused of are routinely made even by Democrats and Republicans with campaign staffs.

IV. Bellingham vs 1st Amendment ˆ

Two Bellingham residents filed complaints against me.

This is what Laurie Euler wrote under “Complaint Description:”

“I received a campaign‐related post card from candidate for governor, David W. Blomstrom on Tuesday, July 21 2020. It refers to the coronavirus pandemic as the ‘jew flu’ in several instances. This is above and beyond any reasonable campaign message and extends to hate speech. I don’t believe residents should be forced to receive hate speech from complete strangers in their own mailboxes, regardless of whether the individual is a candidate for government office. In addition to the offensive statements, no address or contact information is listed by the candidate or his sponsors.”

Her complaint was obviously inspired by the words “Jew flu,” making it a free speech issue.

Her claim that the message on the postcard is “above and beyond any reasonable campaign message and extends to hate speech” is nothing more than her personal opinion.

Frankly, I’m disgusted by any candidates who would lobby for the invasion of yet another Muslim country. And what about politicians and candidates like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton who have suggested they would nuke Iran? I call THAT hate speech.

Moreover, I’m offended every time I receive a piece of campaign literature with the words “Democrat” or “Republican” on it.

Euler further said she doesn’t think people should be “forced” to receive mail bearing messages they don’t agree with, even if the source is not a candidate. In other words, she thinks she shouldn’t be forced to receive “hate speech” from anyone.

So how are we going to fix this problem? Should we survey every U.S. citizen and find out what, if anything, they consider hate speech, then ask the U.S. Postal Service to read all their mail and incinerate items they think an individual might find offensive?

And exactly how is Euler “forced” to receive mail she doesn’t like?

She could get a hammer and smash her mailbox, relying only on e-mail for correspondence. Of course, she would still have to deal with an endless torrent of spam, and probably a lot of “hate speech” as well.

Her claim that the postcard listed no address or contact information is a little sketchy.

Can’t a URL be considered an address? In fact, I listed three URL’s, at least two of which had a contact page.

I discovered that my Jew Flu site indeed didn’t have a contact page, an oversight I’ve
corrected. However, I’m not that hard to track down, especially when I’m a candidate for public office.

Finally, I have no sponsors

Next, let’s examine what Sarah Ellen Zarrow wrote under “Complaint Description.”

“A postcard direct mailer with an allegation that the Coronavirus is caused/spread by Jews. Send by, or connected with, the gubernatorial campaign of David W. Blomstrom.”

The pattern is obvious: Jews. If I had sent out a mailing calling for a military invasion of Iran, Euler and Zarrow would not have filed complaints. In fact, they might have voted for me.

Claiming that my postcard alleges that the coronavirus is caused or spread by Jews is a bit of a stretch. In my book, I discuss several Jewish individuals and organizations in the U.S. and Israel that have been linked to COVID-19.

Note, also, that she clearly understood that the postcard was linked to me, David Blomstrom.

Under “What impact does the alleged violation(s) have on the public?” she wrote, “I have no idea what kind of regulations this might break…”

Why would she file a complaint if she didn’t have a clue whether there were any violations? Her complaint was obviously motivated by the words “Jew Flu,” which sent her on a fishing expedition. This is a FREE SPEECH issue.

Incidentally, Zarrow also filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s office (case # 575717). The Attorney General’s office found no substance to her complaint, which was closed some time ago.

It’s also worth noting that Zarrow is a professor at Western Washington University, where she apparently specializes in Holocaust studies ( Millions of people around the world never bought into the Holocaust myth, and a growing number of people in the West are beginning to see through the charade, which Norman Finklestein (a Jew) calls “The Holocaust Industry.” Other people simply call it the “Holohoax.”

Here’s a link to a page on a Rate My Professors site that reveals that three students in a row gave Zarrow a rating of 1.0, similar to the votes Jay Inslee got when he ran for pResident.

Teaching obviously isn’t Zarrow’s calling.

V. Glen Morgan & Friends ˆ

Glen Morgan has been called a citizen activist, a troll and a serial filer of complaints against Democrats. You might say he is to campaign complaints what Tim Eyman is to initiatives.

Glen Morgan

Morgan is also one helluva hypocrite.

Morgan worked with the right-wing (Evergreen) Freedom Foundation and is very cozy with the media, which pretty much says it all. Glen Morgan is not a nice guy.

Morgan is or was associated with an apparently racist Jew named Peter Zieve. In 2017, Zieve paid a whopping $485,000 settlement for anti-Muslim expressions in the workplace. Sounds like hate speech, doesn’t it?

It turns out that Morgan has been the target of a few complaints himself. In “Dems in Disarray” (Inlander, April 13, 2017), Daniel Walters writes,

“Most of the dozens of PDC complaints filed by Glen Morgan, a Republican activist from Thurston County, against Democrats are, admittedly, part performance art. While formerly with the conservative Freedom Foundation, he’s been subject of more than one PDC complaint himself, and he wants to make a larger point: All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the state’s Byzantine campaign finance rules.”

In fact, Morgan has apparently been involved with some really big, sophisticated and sleazy campaign conspiracies.

In “Awards time for highlights, lowlifes of 2018 election” (Nov. 14, 2018), media whore Jim Camden wrote,

“The Silver Slug Award, for the slimiest tactic of the campaign season, to Republican activist Glen Morgan. He put together a campaign to convince Democratic voters in Spokane’s 6th Legislative District to write in Joe Pakootas instead of Jessa Lewis in the state Senate race. It was one of four similar schemes in districts with close races.”

Morgan and “a rich backer” associated with the “Conscience of the Conservatives” committee apparently spent $4,200 on the scheme, which didn’t accomplish its goal. At least thirty-one complaints were filed with the PDC. Fuse Washington spokesman Collin Jergens said,

“This is a new scam that we have never seen before. Hopefully, the PDC will come down hard on Glen Morgan to make sure that nobody ever tries to pull a dirty trick like this again.”

However, it looks like Morgan got away with his scam, according to the PDC’s bloated account of the case @

There’s a wealth of information about Glen Morgan and his brazen stunts online. If you want to know what people are saying about him, just visit the “What other people say about Glen Morgan” page on his website, We The Governed. (Morgan founded We The Governed in 2016.)

On his site, Morgan brags that he has filed 620 complaints with the PDC or Ethics Board. Ironically, my name isn’t listed on his site; a little odd, considering the sheer volume of insults he packed into his complaint. I thought I was Public Enemy #1.

This supports my theory that there are some very powerful and well organized people who want to insult and silence me without publicizing me.

Jim Camden ˆ

Jim Camden is a media whore working for the Spokesman-Review. He was hurling insults at me long before he learned about my targeted mailing.

Consider the following excerpt from an article Camden wrote to kick off Campaign 2020 (“With Three Dozen Running in Primary, Washington Governor’s Race Sets Statewide Record,” The Spokesman-Review, May 24, 2020):

“Also familiar to some voters with good memories might be GoodSpaceGuy, a perennial candidate from Seattle who runs for some state or federal office most years to have a chance to mention his ideas of colonizing space. . . .

“He received 1% of the vote four years ago. That was less than the 3.5% for Bellevue Republican Bill Hirt but ahead of the 0.3% for Seattlite David Blomstrom…”

Camden was obviously using Goodspaceguy as a vehicle for discrediting my campaign, a tactic commonly used by Seattle media whores.

On another note, why did Camden spell Goodspaceguy’s name GoodSpaceGuy?

Notice, also, that he spelled Seattleite “Seattlite.” Has he never heard of the spell-checkers that are not only widely available free of charge nowadays but which are included with most commonly used word processing programs?


I typed this document in Dreamweaver. I used the program’s spell-check feature, and it highlighted “Seattlite” as incorrect. So which is more reliable, Dreamweaver or The Spokesman-Review? In plain English, what kind of a dumbass political reporter doesn’t even use a spell-checker? And if Camden’s hit pieces…er, articles…aren’t spell-checked, are they edited? Does Camden do any fact checking?

Yes, I make spelling mistakes all the time. However, I don’t get paid to write bullshit, and I don’t have salaried editors to support me. But if I’m working on an important document, I spell-check it. Apparently, the Spokesman-Review doesn’t consider Jim Camden’s articles terribly important.

In another article, Camden described my book as “The Jew Flu.” A simple glance at the book’s cover (or the postcard) reveals the actual title: “Jew Flu.”

THE Jew Flu?Notice the links to Facebook and Reddit, both of which are Jewish propaganda sites banned in China.
Jim Camden

The book Jew Flu is the star attraction in this story! There’s a picture of the front cover on the postcard! Is Jim Camden blind?

Like Glen Morgan, Jim Camden is a fraud. Morgan pretends to be a citizen activist, while Camden moonlights as a “journalist.”

Camden clearly has a vendetta against me. He and Glen Morgan also have eerily similar memes—“antisemitism” and Goodspaceguy.

Morgan’s evidence against me includes a conversation between me and Jim Camden. That conversation did take place, but not the way Camden described it in one of his hit pieces.

First, I work night shift. That means I sleep during the day.

Camden called me at 11:47 on a Friday morning, which is the beginning of my weekend, effectively waking me up in the middle of the night.

I was barely conscious during the brief conversation, which Camden describes as an “interview.”

I don’t do media interviews. I’ve never even attended a media endorsement interview except for 1999, when I was a political novice. I recall a few occasions during later campaigns when I responded to e-mails sent to me by media whores. However, I was wide awake and I had plenty of time to analyze their questions and compose a suitable response.

In most cases, my response has been something like “I have nothing to say to you.”

Off the top of my head, I can’t recall ever talking to a media whore over the phone in my life. Generally speaking, I don’t talk to media whores, period.

I remember freezing when I heard the words “Jim Camden,” though I wasn’t fully conscious yet.

I remember Camden asking a question about my postcard, and I mumbled something without even understanding the question. After I was more conscious, I realized I was talking to one of Washington State’s sleaziest assholes and hung up.

The real criminals in this saga are Glen Morgan and Jim Camden, hit-and-run artists who hide behind their fake activism and fake journalism. I would love to have a man-to-man political discussion with them, just the three of us in a fair, neutral setting. But that will never happen.

When I posted a comment on one of Camden’s articles about me, it was promptly deleted.

I can’t say Camden literally lied about the conversation, because I can’t remember what was said. But he can’t prove his side of the story, either, unless he can produce a recording of the conversation. If he says he has written notes, then, sorry, but that doesn’t work for me. Camden is a media whore. Calling our brief, unannounced and unsolicited conversation an “interview” makes my point.

I suspect a recording might also reveal blurred speech or hesitation on my part, helping to make my case that I was barely conscious during our brief conversation. I strongly suspect a recording would reveal some monumental lies of omission.

In the meantime, I asked some questions about Camden’s unsolicited, unannounced “interview” on a legal forum: “Can a reporter or journalist record your phone conversation without your notification?

The answers were illuminating. In fact, based on my recollection of the conversation, it sounds like Camden may have broke the law.

I don’t have the time or money to pursue this right now, but any free speech advocates or media watchdogs who can shed more light on this topic or who can help me investigate Jim Camden and the Spokesman-Review are invited to contact me.

Jim Camden, like Glen Morgan, is a dishonest asshole. Whether or not they’re both part of a bigger conspiracy to smear me is something I can’t prove, but there’s tantalizing evidence that that’s the case.

VI. Morgan’s Complaint ˆ

Glen Morgan filed a complaint against me with the PDC on Wednesday, July 29, 2020 at 12:29 AM. Below is a copy of his entire, rambling complaint, annotated with my comments. I refer to Morgan below as “PDC Troll.”

PDC Troll: “To whom it may concern (and hopefully it concerns someone),

“It has come to my attention that David Blomstrom, Candidate for Governor has egregiously violated Washington State’s campaign finance laws (RCW 42.17A). These violations are as follows:”

Glen Morgan is the expert on egregious violations. I mailed a postcard promoting a book I self-published during an election campaign. That is a violation only if the PDC rules that the postcard should be classified as a campaign ad. In that event, my violation(s) still would not be egregious. In fact, these particular violations are quite commonplace. In addition, I would have committed the violations unintentionally, as I didn’t perceive my mailing as a campaign ad.

If the PDC wants to penalize me on a technicality, so be it.

PDC Troll: “1. Failure to identify sponsorship on campaign mailers, which explicitly applies to campaigns like this which are filed as “mini‐reporting” entities (Violation of RCW 42.17A.320 (1), WAC 390‐16‐105(5))

“At some point in time during this campaign, Mr. David Blomstrom produced and distributed a state‐wide mailer of unknown quantity. Unfortunately, David Blomstrom failed to identify himself as the sponsor on the political campaign advertisement. Due to the weird nature of the mailer, I at first was under the impression this political mailer was done anonymously as a way to malign or cause harm to David Blomstrom’s reputation, but upon visiting his website which has the dual purpose of promoting his campaign for Washington State Governor, but also to peddle his books, which he apparently sells to fund his campaign for Governor. At that point I realized that the attempt to promote David Blomstrom’s ‘Jew Flu’ book were actually intended not to libel himself (which is not illegal – see RCW 42.17A.335(3) – a candidate can libel themselves all they want), but to sell more copies of his book ‘Jew Flu’ which, according to his campaign website, he sells in order to fund his campaign.”

I should be penalized for failing to identify sponsorship only if the PDC rules that my postcard should be considered a campaign advertisement.

Even in that event, however, note that I didn’t hide behind some ridiculous organization. I wrote Jew Flu, I designed the postcard, and my name appears on both sides of that postcard. Morgan himself admits that, after he visited my website (presumably following one of the URL’s listed on the card), he discovered that the postcard was the work of the sleazy organization Conscience of the Conservatives.

Just joking!

He discovered that the book, postcard and mailing were all the work of David Blomstrom, just as advertised on the card.

Second, I never intended to fund my campaign through book sales. In fact, that’s an amazingly daft suggestion, even for Glen Morgan.

See more about that here.

PDC Troll: “Please keep in mind that David Blomstrom is an experienced candidate for public office (since 1999), having run for the office of Washington State Governor in 2016, where he was able to garner 4,512 votes for 0.32% of the vote, which, for the record was substantially far fewer votes than Goodspaceguy who rocked that election with 13,191 votes for 0.95% of the vote (see attached results). I only point out this electoral result comparison because candidate David Blomstrom has called for banning Goodspaceguy from running for office on David Blomstrom’s campaign website (see attached), which is an interesting obsession for a candidate who apparently has been electorally trounced by the same Goodspaceguy in earlier elections (please see attached screenshot from David Blomstrom’s campaign website where he advocates for banning Goodspaceguy from running for office (this is not illegal since RCW 42.17A.335(2) has been found to be unenforceable by the Washington Supreme Court), but it is just a bit weird.

“Please note as well, that this candidate has properly used his disclaimer statement on his website, which I have attached a screen grab for reference. This proves he is aware of the law and is only selectively choosing to follow it on rare occasions.”

Yes, I am indeed an experienced candidate for public office, having run for office more than ten times.

However, my past campaigns have been very modest affairs. I’ve always chosen mini-reporting, and I’ve never received more than $50 in contributions for a campaign.

Campaign 2020 was the first time I’ve ever explored other methods of promoting my campaign.

Moreover, I don’t have a personal attorney or a campaign staff to advise me on the “Byzantine” laws that Morgan himself admits ensnare almost all candidates.

I don’t know what Morgan means by “his disclaimer statement.” He posted at least fourteen images he gleaned from my website(s), but I don’t see a disclaimer among them.

Morgan’s obsession with Goodspaceguy is duly noted. This further emphasizes the fact that his complaint against me is a partisan attack against free speech. It also further demonstrates his possible connections with media whore Jim Camden.

Morgan’s claim that I only selectively follow the law on rare occasions is a bald-faced lie. Without a political party, campaign staff or personal attorney to back me up, I can’t afford to shell out money for fines or lawsuits. On top of that, I value my reputation for honesty. Some people may not like my message, but I don’t carefully disguise or manipulate that message. Even people who don’t like my opinions have complimented me for making my position on various issues crystal clear.

I’ve been fined just once in my life, for jaywalking some two or three decades ago. In comparison, Morgan has apparently been fined by the PDC on more than one occasion. He’s the expert on selectively choosing to follow the law.

PDC Troll: “2. Failure to properly identify the party affiliation of candidate in campaign advertising (Violation of RCW 42.17A.320(1))

“In the same widely distributed ‘Jew Flu’ flier mailed by candidate for Governor David Blomstrom, the candidate failed to properly identify the party affiliation of himself in the campaign advertising. Nowhere does the candidate reference ‘The Fifth Republic Party,’ which was the same political party with which this candidate identified in his 2016 failed campaign for Governor. While it may very well be that this is a party of 1, the law is crystal clear that this candidate must identify party affiliation on all his campaign advertising, something he failed to do on the attached flier. Unfortunately, this is just another law David Blomstrom broke during his current campaign for Governor.”

If the PDC rules that my postcard should be classified as a campaign ad, then I am guilty of failing to have “Fifth Republic Party” printed somewhere on my card.

Once again, this would be a technicality, however. Why would I want to list my political party on a postcard I was using to promote a book?

In fact, this also helps make my argument that my postcard was NOT a campaign ad.

Take a look at my postcard. How much extra space do you see where I could have squeezed in sponsorship information and the name of my political party? I spent a fair amount of time designing that postcard, trying to squeeze in as much information as possible, and the message is still very brief.

It’s a POSTCARD promoting a BOOK written by a man who just happened to be running for public office.

On another note, when I visit the Public Disclosure Commission’s website and navigate to information about my campaign @, it lists my political party as “OTHER.”

Isn’t that a little inconsistent, not to mention disrespectful? If you’re a Democrat or Republican, your party is spelled out for the world to see, but if you have another political party, you’re just “OTHER.”

PDC Troll: “It should be noted, for the record, that ‘The Fifth Republic Party’ might be false information provided by this candidate to the PDC and the Secretary of State as he often appears to be favoring the Socialist Party or Socialist type parties in the various writings he has posted on his campaign website. Please also note, his campaign platform is almost identical to a basic Democratic Socialist party or Green Party platform.”

So now I’m an undercover agent working for the Socialist or Green parties? Could I have a clone that has infiltrated the Republican Party? Maybe I helped the Russians hack the last pResidential election!

For the record, I love socialism in the broad sense of the term. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that virtually all political parties in the U.S. are corrupt. In fact, I can’t recall ever seeing an authentic socialist candidate on the ballot. I share Glen Morgan’s hatred of Seattle’s phony socialist Kshama Sawant; in fact, she reminds me of Glen Morgan.

I also love conspiracy theory. In fact, Glen Morgan and Jim Camden are going to get more attention than they bargained for in my forthcoming book Conspiracy Science 101.

PDC Troll: “3. Failure to report over limit expenditures beyond Mini‐campaign limit threshold, and failure to legally apply for and change campaign status to full reporting (Violation of WAC 390‐16‐105(2)(a) and WAC 390‐16‐105(4) and WAC 390‐16‐125)

“The expenditures on this campaign appear to have exceeded the mini‐reporting threshold requirements as defined in WAC 390‐16‐105(2)(a) and there is no evidence that David Blomstrom properly filed to convert his Mini‐reporting political committee status to full reporting as clearly explained in WAC 390‐16‐105(4) and in WAC 390‐16‐125.”

If the PDC rules that my postcard should be classified as a campaign ad, then I may or may not be guilty of this charge, depending on the dollar amounts specified by law.

Since he brags about filing more than 600 complaints with the PDC and has apparently been fined several times himself, I would assume Glen Morgan knows what he’s talking about here. However, I received an e-mail from the PDC just yesterday that says something different:

“If you still expect to raise and spend no more than $5,000, in addition to the amount spent on a filing fee, and will receive no more than $500 from any one contributor other than yourself, you may continue to use the mini reporting option.”

I spent far more on Campaign 2020 than I did on any previous campaign, but it was still less than $5,000. I think my mailing cost a total of about $2,500. I never received one penny in contributions and paid for everything myself.

So it looks like this specific complaint is null and void, under any circumstances, unless the message the PDC sent me is incorrect.

PDC Troll: “The evidence for this exceeding of expenditures with his 2020 campaign for Washington State Governor are the clear evidence of a large, well‐distributed volume of campaign mail (the “Jew Flu” campaign literature attached), and also the campaign website itself and the sale of promotional literature and campaign SWAG with which he is funding this campaign. All evidence points to the fact this campaign exceeds the Minireporting thresh holds clearly defined in WAC 390‐16‐105. Please see attached images of campaign promotional material this candidate sells on his website to fund his ambitions to become Washington State’s next Governor.”

LOL! This may be the funniest part of Morgan’s complaint!

What constitutes a “large, well-distributed volume” of mail? In fact, I sent out a positively puny mailing. Part of my sinister plot was the realization that even a tiny mailing might spook some really stupid people into thinking the handful of cards they learned about were just the tip of a treacherous iceberg. In a best-case scenario, some moronic media whores might even panic and start writing articles about me, giving me more publicity than I could have possibly afforded.

Smile Face

To my disappointment, just one media whore in the entire state was stupid enough to take the bait and run with it, Jim Camden. However, he gets extra credit for working overtime. In the meantime, Glen Morgan’s wacko charges may make even Jim Camden look like an amateur.

As for my campaign website, what is Morgan talking about? It’s a WordPress website hosted on a really inexpensive platform. The annual cost of renewing the domain name is probably $10-$20.

Moreover, it’s the same campaign website I used when I ran for Governor in 2016. No, I didn’t have to buy the website a second time.

The claim that I funded my campaign with books—three of which haven’t even been published yet, with the fourth not published until after the campaign officially began and publicized just a week or two before the primary election—along with some “SWAG,” is hysterical!

Yes, I raked in $100,000 with my Jew Flu business cards and used the money to take out a full-page campaign ad on behalf of some socialist candidate in the New York Times. But Glen Morgan will never know about it because it’s an ultra-covert conspiracy supported by some Chinese spies masquerading as American-born Socialist Party members.

When Morgan talks about “All evidence,” what he really means is no evidence, backed up by no logic. Or, as they say in Texas, all hat and no cattle.

See more about that here.

PDC Troll: “Please also note, David Blomstrom brags about attempting to purchase advertising in local newspaper websites (although it appears they rejected his “Jew Flu” campaign advertisement, which appears to have upset him).”

I don’t recall “bragging” about attempting to purchase ads in newspapers. I attempted to buy an ad in one newspaper (or group of newspapers), but it was online very briefly—less than 24 hours, if I remember correctly. Moreover, the ad was never consummated; it only briefly appeared in two newspapers, and my money was refunded.

I called the owner, and he was actually quite friendly and polite. He said he was forced to bow to pressure, with media whores from as far away from Portland intimidating him.

He didn’t use the term “media whores,” and I can’t recall if he used the word “intimidate,” but that’s the gist of our conversation. This is more evidence of a multi-state conspiracy to smear my name.

PDC Troll: “Please also note, this candidate openly brags about printing his mailers and other campaign cards in China, apparently because they are the only ones willing to print his literature (see attached screen capture from his website).”

Finally, Dim Son says something intelligent (and accurate).

I do find it rather amazing (and amusing) that I had to go to China in search of free speech. I was able to get a couple Jew Flu T-shirts manufactured in the U.S., but my account was canceled after that. I got my Jew Flu business cards and a Jew flu face mask printed in China.

I was eventually able to get my Jew Flu postcards printed in the U.S., but only after a series of rejections.

I’m also very proud of my Chinese-made Huawei smartphone. I’ve been using it to take pictures for my forthcoming book SeaWA Politix, yet another book that is going to feature some juicy material about Glen Moron and Jim Camden.

PDC Troll: “Please note the sheer volume of books (clearly written to help David Blomstrom’s campaign for Governor and to fund his political aspirations), these probably combined with the website costs and campaign material (that we know about) is far in excess of the Mini‐Reporting thresholds defined in law.”

Didn’t Morgan mention this earlier, like here? Why is he repeating himself?

If one published book equals “sheer volume,” then I’ll be a one-man bookstore when I get my second book published.Smile Face

Morgan obviously has no publishing experience. Nowadays, one can self-publish a book virtually for free. Selling self-pubished books, however, is another matter.

What’s really hard, however, is selling books that haven’t even been published yet.Smile Face

See more about that here.

PDC Troll: “I’m sure David Blomstrom is a well‐educated guy. He appears to be a proud graduate of Western Washington’s Huxley College with a degree in Ecology. He is very concerned about increasing taxes on rich people, very concerned about the environment and seems to have an unusual fixation and obsession with ‘the Jews’ which permeates most (if not all) of his campaign literature, websites, campaign books, and other activities in which he appears to participate as self‐described ‘Seattle’s only activist.’”

I did indeed graduate from WWU/Huxley College. Is that a violation of some RCW law?

Yes, I would like to see rich people pay their fair share of taxes. (Morgan apparently believes otherwise.) I also care very much about the environment. (Morgan is apparently an anti-environmentalist.)

I’m also very interested in Jewarchy (corruption in the Jewish community), a topic I’ll explore in several books I’m working on, including Jews 101. I’ll certainly want to learn more about Glen Morgan’s racist Jewish associate, Peter Zieve. Getting fined nearly half a million dollars for what was apparently hate speech (or something similar) is a feat I could never hope to duplicate. Maybe Morgan can give me some tips.

I discovered that media whore Jim Camden mentioned Zieve in at least one article, dated October 20, 2018. Camden wrote,

“His [Zieve’s] company was once cited for discriminating against Muslims in its hiring practices and entered into a consent decree with the state attorney general’s office.”

Funny thing is, Camden didn’t mention the $485,000 settlement Zieve was forced to pay the year before. Is this an example of selective amnesia, reminiscent of Morgan’s false claim that I selectively choose to follow the law?

Or is Camden a little reluctant to criticize racists who happen to be Jewish? You do know who’s buttering your bread, don’t you, Camden?

Whether or not I really qualify as Seattle’s only political activist is a matter of opinion. If Morgan can suggest some other contenders, I’m all ears.

PDC Troll: “I realize other people have accused David Blomstrom of hate speech and Anti‐Semitic writings. I’ve seen this before when I exposed JZ Knight (one of the largest donors to the Democratic Party at the time, and still the largest donor ever to the Thurston County Democratic Party) for her racist hate speech about Jews, Mexicans, Catholics, and others. While people like David Blomstrom and JZ Knight may be hateful in their speech and writings – they still have the right to make their hate speech. Their hate speech is protected by the 1st Amendment, even if it offends everyone else (and of course, in Mr. Blomstrom’s case that is probably why those newspapers won’t carry his ads and he had to print his cards in China). However, just like JZ Knight, Mr. Blomstrom is required to follow Washington State’s campaign finance laws in order to legally distribute the hate speech he wants to peddle throughout the state.”

This is a common propagandists’ stunt—comparing a person you want to smear with a really sleazy individual. It’s similar to the famous poisoning the well fallacy.

In that spirit, for some odd reason, I think of the late Seattle pedophile Judge Gary Little every time I hear the names Glen Morgan and Jim Camden. But that’s another story, one I might relate in one of my forthcoming books.

In the meantime, I know nothing about JZ Knight, but I have never criticized Mexicans or another race or nationality except Jews and Israelis. And I coined the term Jewarchy partly to emphasize the fact that not all Jews are bad. Just as some Italians were part of the Mafia, so are some Jews a part of the Jewish Mafia.

Looking at it from another perspective, I have criticized individuals of all races, creeds, etc. who I believe to be corrupt. In plain English, I call a spade a spade, proudly refusing to cower at the altar of political correctness.

But could Glen Morgan be a racist himself?

The article “‘Deceptive’ mailings prompt Democratic protest, campaign finance complaints” (Austin Jenkins, KUOW/NPR, Oct. 22, 2018) describes an exceptionally sophisticated and sleazy mailing that spawned at least nine complaints with the PDC. According to the author,

“The man behind the mailers is Thurston County property rights activist Glen Morgan, who was sued in 2016 for his involvement in a robocall campaign to voters.”

Another interesting nugget:

“Morgan is funding the mailers with $10,000 raised from the Thurston County Republican Party and another $10,000 from Mukilteo aerospace executive Peter Zieve who was a major donor to then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016 and who has come under fire for his views on Muslims.”

In 2017, Zieve paid a $485,000 settlement for anti-Muslim expressions in the workplace. However, you might want to think twice before calling Zieve a racist, because Zieve is Jewish. Criticizing a racist Jew can lead to counter-charges of antisemitism.

So we know that, at the very least, Glen Morgan rubs elbows with a very wealthy, and apparently racist, Jew. Think about that every time Morgan calls me “Anti-Semitic.”

PDC Troll: “I read at least two other complaints that have been filed against Mr. Blomstrom so far in this campaign season, and I believe this complaint is a bit more extensive and detailed on the some of the more specific campaign finance violations Mr. Blomstrom has committed.

“It seems fairly likely there are far more than just these, but the PDC will have to unravel this one during their investigation to figure it out.”

Yes, Glen Morgan did file a helluva detailed and extensive complaint. Where should the PDC begin in its efforts to unravel it?

Well, I can confirm that I’m a graduate of Western Washington University. I can also confirm that I’m the same David Blomstrom who mailed a postcard advertising a book written by David Blomstrom, which lists the URL’s of three websites owned by David Blomstrom, one of which Morgan visited in his quest to discover if David Blomstrom is really the man behind the postcard advertising David Blomstrom’s book.

I can further confirm that just one of the four books Morgan thinks are funding some enormous, secretive underworld conspiracy that accomplished something really sinister (even if we never discover what it was) has actually been published. Can you guess what book that is, Morgan?

Time’s up; Jew Flu!

Then there’s the SWAG racket, which has funneled even more money into my underground bank vault. I would suggest the PDC ask the Attorney General’s office to investigate that shady endeavor and find out how many billions of dollars Washingtonians have spent on Jew Flu business cards and mugs bearing a picture of a new state flag proposal.

PDC Troll: “Feel free to let me know if you need any additional details.

“Best Regards,

“Glen Morgan”

PDC: What impact does the alleged violation(s) have on the public?

PDC Troll: “The public has a right to know who is paying for political campaign mailers and which party the candidate for governor promoted in these ‘Jew Flu’ mailers really is. It is actually hard to believe these were not intended as parody or punked projects, but it does appear they are real campaign mailers by a real repeat candidate for office who is putting his Western Washington University, Huxley College degree to impressive use.”

Who paid for the mailing is obvious. My name appears on both sides of the card. And the mailer doesn’t promote any party; it promotes a book.

PDC: List of attached evidence or contact information where evidence may be found

PDC Troll: “The candidate’s campaign website is a gold mine of data, and trying to figure out how much money spent on a secretive campaign like this probably needs to start with understanding how many books, SWAG, and other items he has been selling to fund the campaign.”

I oversaw a “secretive campaign” that was betrayed by a campaign website that’s “a gold mine of data”? Isn’t that kind of like calling someone an honest liar?

And could this really be the THIRD TIME Morgan has ranted about my budding corporate empire? (See more about that here.)

If my campaign had some secret auxiliary supporting the Socialist Party or maybe the Witchcraft Party, and if I funneled over $5,000 into that auxiliary, then I’m probably guilty of violating one obscure law or another.

But shouldn’t my little conspiracy have accomplished something tangible? I mean, what’s the point of spending $5,000 (or was it really $10 million?) on something that’s so secretive no one even knows about it? To be effective, such a stunt would ultimately have to encourage people to vote for David Blomstrom (or for the Socialist candidate I was secretly supporting).

My website is on the INTERNET, for the whole world to see. There probably isn’t a candidate, for any office, who speaks out more boldly on multiple issues than I do.

My campaign is entirely self-funded. I’ve received no contributions.

I bought the domain name for my campaign website several years ago and paid the filing fee myself. About the only other significant expense that could arguably be associated with my campaign is my postcard mailing. The question is, does it legally qualify as a campaign ad?

Glen Morgan, Goodspaceguy and Jim CamdenWait a minute…do you mean Blomstrom doesn’t have an underground publishing empire linked to a cartel based in the People’s Republic of China? And he isn’t really antisemitic? Did Jim Camden really interview Blomstrom? And is it possible that Blomstrom really had a better handle on the issues than our favorite alternative candidate, Goodspaceguy (center)? Please don’t let Blomstrom make all three of us look like fools!

PDC: List of potential witnesses with contact information to reach them

PDC Troll: “The candidate is the main one. It doesn’t seem likely you can vet his printing from the Chinese vendor, but perhaps if you dig deep enough, you might find someone else associated with this campaign.”

Good luck. 😉

PDC: Certification (Complainant)

PDC Troll: “I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Washington that information provided with this complaint is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.”

Well, I guess that’s a good legal defense that covers speculation, conjecture, hyperbole and weak and bizarre “evidence.”

VII. My Response ˆ

I opened my eyes to politics about 1995, while working as a teacher in the famously corrupt Seattle School District. I became a political activist and first ran for public office in 1999, gunning for a seat on the Seattle School Board. In 2000, I ran for Superintendent of Public Instruction and got 8% of the vote statewide, a feat that scared some powerful people who have been working to undermine my campaigns and activism ever since.

Altogether, I’ve run for public office ten times or more, always targeting the Seattle School Board or Superintendent of Public Instruction except for 2016 and 2020, when I ran for Governor.

I’ve always run my own campaigns and have never received any contributions except for two or three tiny donations during my first couple campaigns (1999 and 2000).

My campaigns have always been simple. I’ve never had a single yard sign. I’ve never purchased any advertising of any nature until Campaign 2020. I’ve never been accused of violating any laws or regulations.

Due to a combination of increasing government and media corruption combined with voter cluelessness and apathy, speaking out has only become harder. When I ran for Governor in 2016, I was one of a whopping eleven candidates. As usual, the front-running Democrat and Republican got most of the publicity by far. The media probably gave more publicity to a wacko candidate who’s legal name is Goodspaceguy than all the remaining candidates combined. Not surprisingly, I got less than 1% of the vote, similar to Jay Inslee’s performance when he ran for pResident.

Thanks to his media branding, Goodspaceguy actually got more votes than I did, a fact the media whores continue to gloat over to this day. (What better excuse for dodging important issues than another romp with Goodspaceguy?)

Of course, no one really knows if the official election results are honest and accurate. Some of us still remember the gubernatorial election that was initially won by Dino Rossi, though Christine Gregoire was crowned Governor under very suspicious circumstances.

Campaign 2020 ˆ

When I filed as a candidate in 2020, I knew I had no chance of getting elected. I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to get 1% of the vote. However, I jumped into the race regardless, because I’m committed to fighting the good fight. I also thought I could use my campaign to help promote some books that are an extension of my activism.

In fact, I began working on my campaign early in 2019. I put a lot of work into my campaign website, along with a series of books about “politix” I was working on.

I also decided to try to promote my campaign through colorful, provocative graphics along with a variety of knickknacks.

Considering I have a very physical day job (actually, I work night shift), it was very hard, tedious work. I’ve had little time for anything besides work and sleep for the last year.

Eventually, I came up with the idea of publishing three books before the primary election.

Unfortunately, I ran into problem after problem.

The sheer workload was overwhelming. I was further derailed by the coronavirus lockdown.

Since Coronavirus was the topic du jour, I switched gears and began working on a book about it. Discovering some interesting links between the pandemic and Israel, along with some local Jewish organizations, I titled my book Jew Flu: The Coronavirus Conspiracy.

I was still hoping I could finish one or two other books before the primary election, but more problems lie ahead.

At the end of filing week, I learned that I was one of THREE DOZEN candidates. That was pretty much the end of the election right there. How many voters would have time to wade through three dozen statements from gubernatorial candidates alone in the Voters Pamphlet?

In addition, my laptop crashed, and I had to buy a new one and get it set up.

Targeted Mail Campaign ˆ

My laptop crashed at the very time I was planning my first ever advertising campaign. I designed a two-sided, full-color letter that would be stuffed inside an envelope that was also printed with a full-color design. I wanted to mail it a couple weeks before people received their Voters Pamphlets.

In fact, my original goal was to do a sample mailing a couple months earlier. I figured I could analyze the results before tailoring subsequent mailings.

But I had already fallen way behind. In addition, the project was too complex and expensive, and I had to abandon it.

I was running out of time and didn’t have enough money for a really ambitious mailing. So I decided to do something simpler and less expensive: Create a postcard plugging my book Jew Flu.

If I had had a campaign manager, and I told him I was planning on launching a last-minute campaign ad in a field of THREE DOZEN candidates under the banner “Jew Flu,” he would have said “You’re crazy!”

In fact, a book promotion was even a stretch. There’s a reason you don’t get postcards from the legions of self-publishers who have glutted the market.

I knew I would lose money on my advertising campaign. However, I was hoping that I might sell a lousy fifty books, and some of the people who read my book might spread the word. I was also hoping some really stupid “gatekeepers” might panic when they learned about my mailing, thinking it was twenty times bigger than it was. In that respect, I succeeded in spectacular style.

Although it was a book promotion, it would have still been nice if I could have mailed it ahead of the Voters Pamphlet, hoping that the election would generate interest in my book. Again, I would have preferred to advertise it in May, if I could have finished both the book and the mailing earlier.

I had experienced problems in my attempts to create knickknacks. advertising my book, Jew Flu. I was able to get a few items manufactured in the U.S., but I had to get others made in China. I encountered similar censorship with my “Jew Flu” postcard. It looked like I would have to get the cards printed in China, which would have obviously resulted in yet another delay.

To my surprise, I discovered at the last minute that the vendor I had contacted regarding the letters was willing to print the postcards.

Looking at my e-mails, it appears that I first communicated with them regarding my letter on June 8, 2020. I can’t remember exactly when I abandoned the letter and started working on the postcard. However, I remember being shocked when I received an e-mail on July 13 with the following message: “I just received an email with an updated estimated mail date of 7/21/20.”

I was shocked because I thought the postcards had already been mailed. June 8 to July 13 is a time span of five weeks. That’s how long it took to get this project off the ground, and I was told that it wouldn’t even be mailed until July 21. Note, also, that that date was an estimate. And how much longer would it take for the postcards to actually be delivered? (It appears that the postcards were mailed from Glendale, California.)

I can’t remember when people received their Voters Pamphlets, but I was under the impression that it was before my postcards were even mailed. (Yes, I received a Voters Pamphlet myself, but I didn’t note the date. I had too much on my mind.)

In one of his hit pieces, media whore Jim Camden wrote,

“Blomstrom sent out a post-card sized mailer to coincide with the arrival of the ballots which mentioned his candidacy and a book he has self-published that blames Jewish people for COVID-19.”

That’s two bald-faced lies in one.

First, my book doesn’t blame “the Jewish people” for the coronavirus. Second, my postcards weren’t timed to coincide with anything.

If things had worked out the way I wanted them to, I would have begun sending out targeted mailings in May. Plan B would have been a last-minute campaign ad sent out a couple weeks before people received their Voters Pamphlets.

Instead, my project was downgraded to a postcard plugging the only book I was able to publish, which had an “estimated” mailing date of July 21. Given the fact that even the mail system is affected by the coronavirus pandemic, I had no way of knowing when people might receive their postcards. In the end, the postcards arrived whenever they arrived.

But the date is really irrelevant, because the postcard was a book promotion, not a classic campaign ad.

The Postcard ˆ

Of course, the PDC has the ultimate authority to decide if my postcard should or should not be classified as a campaign ad. And my case would appear to be a classic example of a judgment call.

RCW 42.17A.005

(39) “Political advertising” includes any advertising displays, newspaper ads, billboards, signs, brochures, articles, tabloids, flyers, letters, radio or television presentations, digital communication, or other means of mass communication, used for the purpose of appealing, directly or indirectly, for votes or for financial or other support or opposition in any election campaign.

If my postcard was an example of political advertising, it would presumably feature the word “VOTE” somewhere. In addition, one might expect to see some mention of a few issues, along with some rationale for voting for me.

Of course, an authentic campaign ad would also include the required sponsorship information.

My postcard featured none of the above.

On one side of the card is a picture of my book Jew Flu, along with a notice that the author was a candidate for Governor.

That’s free speech. When I filed as a candidate, I didn’t sign a document stating that I would cancel my book projects or that I wouldn’t publish or promote any books until after the campaign. Nor did I sign a gag order promising to not mention the fact that I was a candidate.

Jew Flu postcardMy Jew Flu postcard was unusual and maybe suspicious, but where do you see the word “VOTE”? And what is the dominant theme, on both sides of the card?

On the other side of the postcard I listed my name. Below that, in lieu of an address, I simply inserted two URL’s, one of them to my campaign website. I included that as proof that I was a candidate. The URL that I emphasized in big blue letters was

I also listed three URL’s as a security measure.

People were hacking my websites as far back as the 1990’s. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I upgraded from Microsoft to a Mac and Linux servers for my websites; I learned that Mickeysoft was one big security hole. I traced some of the hacks to other countries, including the United Kingdom and Israel, even before I started speaking out against the Jewish Mafia. They started it.

Google has even played games with my websites.

If people could buy my book only via, then that site could have been targeted by hackers. So I wanted to make my book available via multiple websites. I figured my campaign website would be the most secure, because it was a high profile site. Hacking it might backfire, giving me more publicity.

This was not some complex, sinister conspiracy planned by Glen Morgan. It was a simple postcard bearing my name on both sides. THE PURPOSE of my postcard was to promote a book.

With three dozen candidates, the election was over before it began. If I got less than 1% of the votes in 2016, I was probably looking at an even smaller percentage in 2020. It would be utterly stupid to pay for a mailing campaign designed to boost my vote to 1%. At that point in time, all I had to show for all my hard work was one book.

Free Speech or Not? ˆ

All three complaints filed against me focus on “antisemitism,” some also citing “hate speech.” Media whore Jim Camden—who has done more than his share to wreck Campaign 2020—spouts the same line in his hit pieces.

This obviously isn’t about campaign integrity; it’s about a lynch mob who can’t rescind the First Amendment and are therefore grasping at straws in their desperate search for some excuse to smear my reputation.

David Blomstrom, Inc. ˆ

Glen Morgan accused me of selling a variety of merchandise to fund some huge clandestine political campaign. I believe he made this charge three separate times.

In fact, I do sell a variety of things at

Then there’s the fourth paragraph on my campaign website’s home page:

“While Tim Eyman is begging for money, I thought I’d try to earn a little money to back my campaign by selling some things you might find kind of useful. In fact, I’m hoping to publish four books that I’ve been working on for some time. To the best of my knowledge, SeaWA Politix 101 will be the first, and therefore the only, general political reference focusing on Washington State and its de facto capital, Seattle, ever published.”

Notice the word “back”? There’s a big difference between backing a campaign versus funding a campaign.

Moreover, that was written near the beginning of my campaign, and it was further written in kind of a tongue-in-cheek style.

Selling merchandise is obviously one strategy for raising money, but it can also function as a form of publicity. If someone wears a T-shirt advertising my campaign, that helps publicize my campaign.

However, I never signed a legal document pledging all the proceeds from any of my books to a political campaign.

Nor is it clear how promoting my books—which elaborate on my political beliefs and issues—could be illegal, unless 1) I made a lot of money, and 2) I invested that money in my campaign.

If Morgan had done his homework, he would have discovered that, of the four books promoted on my campaign website, just one has been published, Jew Flu. Moreover, the targeted mailing that whipped him into a towering inferno of indignation didn’t occur until near the end of July.

Using some simple math, if I had sold 1,000 books, I would have had $10,000 to plow into my campaign…beginning whenever the money started rolling in—probably around July 23 at the earliest.

But there’s no way I could have sold 1,000 books in one day; that’s virtually impossible.

Realistically, I might have raised $1,000 in one day. Possibly.

So I could then turn around and invest the staggering sum of $1,000 in—what?

If I bought one hundred yard signs less than two weeks before the election, there would be clear evidence of my crime—one hundred yard signs scattered around Seattle advertising “Blomstrom4Gov,” evidence that I spent $1,000 less than two weeks before the election and didn’t tell the PDC about it.

That’s the evidence Morgan needs to produce—a photograph of a Blomstrom4Gov yard sign. Or proof that I aired an ad on TV. Or evidence that some Chinese cartel was funding my campaign through a triangular trade in cheap Walmart T-shirts, opium and my book Jew Flu. Or maybe I offered media whore Jim Camden a $1,000 bribe to write an honest, accurate article about the campaign.

As for the money generated by my SWAG, seriously? Can Morgan offer ONE example of a political candidate funding a campaign through the sale of Jew Flu business cards?

Glem Morgan is a moron on a fishing expedition, end of story.

Outdated Evidence ˆ

I’ve been a full-time political activist since the mid-1990’s. Rather than sell books to fund my campaigns, it would be more accurate to say it’s the other way around: with no chance of getting elected in a hopelessly corrupt system, I use my campaigns to help broadcast my ideas, which are discussed in greatest detail in my books.

Some of the many images Morgan posted in his complaint also help support my claim that I’m overworked and overwhelmed, with a day job and multiple books and websites to develop, interspersed with occasional campaigns for public office.

Glen Morgan’s apparently overworked as well.

Breaking news: None of the four books pictured below have been published yet! In fact, I’ve redesigned the covers of the first three books, and the second book may never be published; it has effectively been replaced by SeaWA Politix, which I had hoped to publish during Campaign 2020.


Ironically, the updated covers of all three of those books are pictured on the home page of my campaign website! Did Glen Morgan think I’m publishing two different books titled Jews 101 and two books titled Bill Gates?

Glen Morgan—a fake activist and an apparent racist who likes to call other people racist—is a right-wing moron chasing phantoms.

And look at the copyright date on the fourth book – 2018! In fact, that book won’t be published until 2021 (hopefully). My crime lies in failing to update my websites, but that’s surprisingly hard to do when you’re working night shift, working on several books and campaigning for public office during a pandemic.

In summary, Morgan is whining about four books that don’t even exist! Surely, that’s a first for the Public Disclosure Commission. It also earned Morgan a place alongside flat earthers in my forthcoming book Conspiracy Science.

Remember what I said about using multiple websites to enhance my security? Each of these books has its own website. A simple glance at each website reveals that, not only are the books not published yet, I haven’t even finished developing the websites.

Free Speech ˆ

Pictured below are some of the many images gleaned from my websites that graced Morgan’s complaint. They’re apparently supposed to demonstrate his claim that I’m an “Anti-Semite,” whatever that means.


In fact, Bill Gates surrounds himself with some very powerful and influential Jews. One of them sent me my first computer virus ever in 1999, the first year I ran for public office. And I was only running for a seat on the Seattle School Board!

That’s more evidence that there’s a well organized campaign to smear me, a campaign dating from my very first bid for public office two decades ago. Note, also, that it was another fifteen years before I began speaking out against Jewish corruption. I didn’t even realize that the individual who sent me the computer virus, along with some other creeps who stabbed me in the back, were Jews until years later.

Nathan Myrhvold (a Jew) was Microsoft’s chief technology officer before he became famous as a patent troll. (Why does the word troll remind me of Glen Morgan?) There’s evidence linking Myrhvold’s Bellevue-based operation, Intellectual Ventures, to the coronavirus. Many conspiracy theorists are pointing fingers at a Jewish chemist based at Harvard (Charles Lieber), and there’s also evidence pointing at Israel. Thus, the title of my book, Jew Flu.

The image at the top right is an avatar I designed to represent Jeffrey Epstein, the proud owner of the infamous Pedophile Island. Epstein just happens to be Jewish, and his most famous friends include Bill Gates.

Google is owned by Jews, and it has played games with both my websites and political campaigns, still more evidence of a well organized campaign to silence or smear me.

When I ran for Governor in 2016, public officials in Thurston County notified me that they planned on banning my Voters Pamphlet statement. As I recall, their complaint revolved around a word I coined, Jewarchy. After consulting an attorney, they discovered that the First Amendment hasn’t been repealed yet.

That little stunt is more evidence of—take a wild guess—a well organized campaign to silence me.

During Campaign 2020, I received word that my Voters Pamphlet statement might be banned because it included an insult hurled at Bill Gates. Once again, I stood my ground, and I prevailed, winning yet another small victory for free speech.

Between Bill Gates and the Jewish lobby (which apparently includes Glen Morgan’s friend Peter Zieve), there are some extremely powerful and well organized people who are desperate to silence me, and since they will never accomplish that, they’ve set out to smear my name.

VIII. Summary ˆ

The list below summarizes the arguments supporting my claim that my mailing was not a campaign ad.

  1. It would be illogical to spend $2,500 on a mailing designed to promote a campaign when 1) I got less than 1% of the vote in 2016 in a field of eleven candidates, 2) Campaign 2020 featured three dozen candidates, and 3) media whores like Jim Camden were vigorously promoting Jay Inslee, Tim Eyman and Goodspaceguy, mentioning my name only on the end of insults. For all practical purposes, there was no election. For me, Campaign 2020 wasn’t about soliciting votes but about once again using my campaign as a soapbox, at the same time promoting some books that are an extension of my activism.
  2. A postcard is an awfully small medium for a campaign ad, especially one that also promotes a book. In fact, I can’t remember ever seeing a campaign ad in the form of a postcard in my life.
  3. A simple glance at the postcard, which features a picture of my book’s front cover, reveals it’s a book promotion.
  4. The postcard doesn’t include the word “Vote.”
  5. The postcard doesn’t mention any issues or offer reasons that people should vote for me.
  6. If I was fishing for votes, I would not have mailed a postcard promoting something as controversial as “Jew Flu.” Glen Morgan himself claims he first thought my postcard was an attempt to “libel” myself.
  7. The statement “Jew Flu’s author is a candidate for Washington State Governor. Curious?” is a simple communication that qualifies as free speech.
  8. My postcard displays three URL’s, partly to prove my claim that I was a candidate but also for security; if one website was hacked, people could get a copy of my book via another website.
  9. People received my postcard either after they received their Voters Pamphlet or about the same time—an amazing coincidence considering all the hoops I had to jump through over a period of more than a month to get my mailing off the ground. If my postcard was designed to get me elected, I would have mailed it much earlier.
  10. RCW 42.17A..005 specifies means of mass communication “used for the purpose” of appealing for votes. That clearly was not the purpose of this postcard.

If the PDC nevertheless rules that my postcard should be classified as a campaign ad, then the following points should be considered when calculating a fine:

  1. This was my first violation. I’ve run for public office more than ten times since 1999 and have a perfect record, having never been charged with any violations.
  2. I was inexperienced, in that this was the first targeted mailing I’ve ever done in my life.
  3. I was campaigning in a tough and confusing environment, dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, a computer crash, censorship and a day job, and also working on several books and new websites as I struggled to put together a mailing—a process that took over a month.
  4. I had to deal with the famously “Byzantine” rules that ensnare virtually all candidates.
  5. The mailing cost about $2,500, which does not violate mini-reporting rules, if I interpret the law correctly (though that law is quite confusing).
  6. There’s nothing secretive about my mailing. My name appears on both sides of the card.
  7. The waters have been muddied by Glen Morgan’s voluminous and often preposterous partisan insults and charges. His complaint also makes reference to Jim Camden, a media whore whose account of an unsolicited “interview” that occurred when I was barely conscious is very suspicious at best.
  8. The three complainants—two of whom actually received my postcard—themselves defined this as a free speech issue. Their obvious concern is the book’s title, “Jew Flu,” though they probably wouldn’t bat an eye at the designation “China flu” or “Spanish flu.” Glen Morgan and Jim Camden, who Morgan quoted in his complaint, called me “antisemitic,” a nonsensical term used by hypocritical bigots.
  9. The public wasn’t materially harmed. Just two people who received the postcard complained, and their primary gripe was the fact that they didn’t like the message, just as I’m offended by any candidate who toes the Democratic or Republican line, especially in calling for more sanctions or another war against a Muslim country. Their gripe is with the First Amendment, not me.
  10. Considering the unique nature of my case—a candidate who actually wrote a book, about a controversial topic no less, and did a mailing that blurs the lines between commerce, activism and campaigning—this has probably been a learning experience not just for me but for the PDC. I suspect a few laws could be tweaked as a result of my case.
(45) “Remediable violation” means any violation of this chapter that:
(a) Involved expenditures or contributions totaling no more than the contribution limits set out under RCW  42.17A.405(2) per election, or one thousand dollars if there is no statutory limit;
(b) Occurred:
(i) More than thirty days before an election, where the commission entered into an agreement to resolve the matter; or
(ii) At any time where the violation did not constitute a material violation because it was inadvertent and minor or otherwise has been cured and, after consideration of all the circumstances, further proceedings would not serve the purposes of this chapter;
(c) Does not materially harm the public interest, beyond the harm to the policy of this chapter inherent in any violation; and
(d) Involved:
(i) A person who:
(A) Took corrective action within five business days after the commission first notified the person of noncompliance, or where the commission did not provide notice and filed a required report within twenty-one days after the report was due to be filed; and
(B) Substantially met the filing deadline for all other required reports within the immediately preceding twelve-month period; or
(ii) A candidate who:
(A) Lost the election in question; and
(B) Did not receive contributions over one hundred times the contribution limit in aggregate per election during the campaign in question.

Additional points.

  1. I would also like to ask the PDC to not list candidates’ political parties as Democrat, Republican or “Other.” I think that’s very disrespectful to those of us who challenge the Demopublican juggernaut. Can you tell me how I can personally lobby for this change?
  2. I’m struck by the fact that so many candidates (including myself previous to 2020) aren’t fully aware of the legal requirement that candidates should list sponsorship information on their campaign websites. Given the fact that this requirement is apparently commonly ignored, wouldn’t it make sense for the PDC to make a courtesy advisory, perhaps e-mailing all candidates in all races ten days or a couple weeks after filing week, clearly explaining that their campaigns are ILLEGAL without that information and that any candidate who hasn’t correctly added that information by a certain date will be automatically fined a certain amount of money? A single bulk e-mailing would be extremely easy for the PDC to perform. How can I petition to get such a rule or law added?
Jew Flu postcardGee, who could have mailed a postcard with David Blomstrom’s name on both sides? And is it really promoting a book, or is it actually part of a sinister communist plot that only Glen Morgan knows about?

IX. Last Word ˆ

I  ran a hard-hitting unorthodox campaign, boldly speaking the truth, just like I did when I first ran for office in 1999. But I really raised the bar during Campaign 2020, particularly in publishing and promoting a book—something no candidate for any office has ever done in state history, to the best of my knowledge. And I did it under exceptionally difficult circumstances, not limited to the coronavirus pandemic. Pardon the arrogance, but few people would even think of attempting to do half of what I accomplished.

I did not knowingly violate any campaign laws during my campaign. Whether or not I unwittingly violated the laws I’m accused of violating depends on whether or not my Jew Flu postcard could or should be legally classified as political advertising.

Adding to the drama is the First Amendment. Does a candidate for public office who has written and published a book have a right to identify himself as a candidate for public office on a postcard promoting that book? And can that candidate also offer a link to his campaign website, particularly if it’s one of several URL’s listed for security purposes?

In addition, the three people who filed complaints with the PDC, along with media whore Jim Camden, were clearly driven to hysterics by the words “Jew Flu,” which launched them on a witch-hunt for any mundane violation they could use to penalize me. The histrionics and sometimes bizarre charges leveled by PDC troll Glen Morgan and media whore Jim Camden (employed by the Spokesman-Review) also offer a lot of food for thought.

Could they be part of a larger conspiracy to smear my name?

I do not want to convey the impression that I think the famously “Byzantine” laws I’m accused of violating should be trivialized or ignored. On the contrary, the astounding corruption that permeates virtually all levels and sectors of American society demands greater vigilance.

Nevertheless, there is a huge difference between the amazingly routine violations that are apparently made by most candidates and the sophisticated scams Glen Morgan participates in while pretending to be a citizen activist. And what about that strange phone call that Jim Camden made? Do you think he’s telling the truth about it?

In the meantime, I orchestrated my own conspiracy. I mailed Jew Flu postcards to a lousy 5,000 people in just a handful of counties, speculating that some powerful people who are secretly afraid of me would think I had targeted a far larger number. I further suspected that they would panic and give my book more publicity than I could afford by myself.

Glen Morgan and Jim Camden took the bait and ran with it, making utter fools of themselves. But if it’s any consolation, Camden’s obsession with Goodspaceguy helped ensure that he didn’t just out poll me; he got more votes than twenty other candidates. That fact speaks volumes.

Regardless of how the PDC rules in this case, I’m proud of my campaign, just as I’m proud of all my past campaigns. But I’m especially proud of my little Jew Flu conspiracy, which upset the applecart.

And so our little soap opera will reach its conclusion when the PDC makes its final decision—NOT. In fact, I’m going to spread the news about this little adventure in activism far and wide on the Internet and in several books I’m working on. In the end, you are free to draw your own conclusions.

And to the relative handful of people who voted for me, I just want to say thank you. The fact (or claim) that you make up just .02% of Washington State’s population is something to be proud of. Thank God you aren’t among the morons who vote Democrat or Republican.

Keep on thinking free.

Parting Shot“Gee, Jim, do you think we overplayed our hand?” “Shut up, Glen.”
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