Strange Things

Below is just a partial list of strange things documented in my book. Yes, things are exactly as they seem—not.

  1. A mysterious respiratory illness struck a nursing home in Springfield, Virginia (not far from Fort Detrick, Maryland) in July 2019. The cause of the illness, which killed several people, remains unknown (or undisclosed).
  2. About the same time, Fort Detrick was hit with a rash of problems, including two “breaches,” that caused it to be shut down for four months.
  3. Even now, Maryland and Virginia aren’t reporting COVID-19 outbreaks in long-term care facilities. Arizona, Florida, Georgia and Texas are among the states that reportedly aren’t reporting any COVID-19 statistics.
  4. The mighty U.S. military ranked 35th place at the Wuhan military games in October 2019.
  5. Early COVID-19 cases in Washington and California included victims who hadn’t traveled outside the country and were apparently infected locally.
  6. When Seattle’s Dr. Helen Chu converted a flu study to a coronavirus study and made some stunning discoveries, the government ordered her to stop testing.
  7. Florida scientist Rebekah Jones was fired for refusing to manipulate covid data.
  8. The coronavirus pandemic struck not long after Donald Trump’s war against Huawei began blowing up in his face, which in turn followed in the wake of his losing trade war.
  9. The only world leader diagnosed with Coronavirus was UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who incurred Donald Trump’s wrath after he embraced Huawei’s 5G platform. Were Trump or his Jewish advisors sending Johnson a message?
  10. Western interests are citing China’s alleged “lack of transparency” regarding Coronavirus in beefing up their war against Huawei.
  11. Chinese Dr. Li Wenliang was an alleged Coronavirus whistleblower who reportedly died of the virus at the age of just thirty-four.
  12. Reporters Without Borders claims Chinese doctor and whistleblower Ai Fen is allegedly still posting to social media even after she went missing.
  13. The countries hit hardest by Coronavirus include China and Iran, two of Jewmerica’s biggest adversaries.
  14. The first country to claim it was on the verge of developing a coronavirus vaccine was apparently Israel.
  15. pResident Donald Trump stunned the world when he defunded the World Health Organization in the middle of a global pandemic.
  16. No notable Coronavirus outbreaks have been reported among the United States’ growing army of homeless people, that I’m aware of.
  17. The Jews appear to be leading the anti-Chinese propaganda campaign.
  18. Event 201: Global Pandemic Exercise was held in New York City in October, 2019. It was sponsored by the Gates Foundation.
  19. Steven Hatfill—once a prime suspect in the 2001 anthrax attacks—published a book warning of the dangers of an influenza pandemic in November 2019, just weeks before Coronavirus began making headlines.
  20. Harvard chemist (and Jew) Charles Lieber was arrested on Jan. 28, 2020, shortly after the coronavirus pandemic began making headlines—and after Lieber reportedly spent time in Wuhan.
  21. Bill Gates. Everything about Bill Gates, in relation to COVID-19 or not, is strange.

What I Missed

I’ll continue to document items I missed, along with stories that didn’t pop up until after this book was published.

While working on my book SeaWA Politix, I learned that the most recent amendment to the State Constitution (#109) gives the State sweeping powers in the event of a catastrophe. Though it was reportedly crafted with an eye on earthquakes and tsunamis, it was adopted on November 5, 2019…not long before the coronavirus pandemic began making headlines.

Opponents warned that it would give the government too much power and that it didn’t properly define the catastrophes it was purportedly created to deal with.

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