The 2020 coronavirus pandemic is an intriguing and challenging event for conspiratologists to explore.*

* Propagandists have made up many derogatory definitions for terms like conspiracy theory and conspiratology. In this book, conspiratology refers to the study of historical events that are believed to be the result of conspiracy. (See Appendix > Conspiracy Primer)


On my website (, I warned you that portions of this book might be difficult to understand if you don’t have a basic understanding of conspiracy science and Jewarchy (Jewish corruption).

If you’re among the millions of people who don’t believe the mainstream 9/11 narrative, then we’re on the same page. If you further suspect that the 9/11 terrorist attacks might have in fact been orchestrated by Israel, or “international Jewry,” then we’re ready to rock and roll.

If, on the other hand, you don’t know what I’m talking about, but you have an open mind and are willing to learn, then you should read my books Conspiracy Science 101 and Jews 101. Jews 101 will tentatively be published in early August, 2020, with Conspiracy Science 101 hopefully published before the end of the year.


At the risk of sounding arrogant, I consider myself an expert on conspiracy science. But just as all good astronomers and biologists know they can never know more than a tiny fraction of all there is to know about their subjects, so do I live largely in the dark.


9/11 is a no brainer. We know it was a conspiracy, because the U.S. government itself calls it a conspiracy. The big question is who were the conspirators? Were they, as the Dishonorable George W. Bush claimed, a bunch of goat herders hiding in a cave in Afghanistan, or were they someone else?

A long list of astounding anomalies—from a terrorist’s passport magically plucked from the rubble of the World Trade Center in mint condition to a commercial airliner that crashed into the Pentagon without being photographed—make it perfectly obvious the government’s version is a lie.


Similarly, it’s pretty obvious that the John F. Kennedy assassination involved more than a lone gunman. The amazing trail of bodies and the bizarre story of the Warren Commission tell us something much bigger was involved, even if we don’t know the details.

Moon Landing Hoax

The moon landing hoax conspiracy is a horse of another color.

I was originally among the people who thought that people who believe the July 20, 1969 moon landing was staged are as daft as the flat earthers (assuming flat earthers really exist). But I’ve since changed my mind.

Which isn’t to say I agree with the theory that the moon landing was a hoax; I don’t know. But isn’t it amazing that returning to the moon is such a challenge, half a century after the original moon landing? Israel and India both learned how to crash land on the moon in 2019.

The personal computer scarcely existed in 1969. Today, struggling students can own powerful MacBook Pro laptops far superior to anything Neil Armstrong could have dreamed of. Each astronaut on a modern mission to the moon could easily carry a laptop or tablet. And what about all the research and development the U.S. has poured into missile technology, navigation and communications?

Even if the moon landing was authentic, it’s still likely that there was some conspiracy involved. Some of the evidence used to prove the authenticity of that first moon landing ranges from odd to glaringly illogical.

The coronavirus conspiracy theory lies somewhere between 9/11 and the moon landing hoax conspiracy theory.

Like 9/11, the coronavirus pandemic is rife with blatantly obvious conspiracy. But even an army of authorities representing various disciplines can’t pinpoint the origin of COVID-19. Even if a so-called expert offers an opinion, how can we possibly know if he or she is speaking the truth?

The moon landing involved scientific research and advanced technology that most people, myself included, can scarcely comprehend. Similarly, the average person knows very little about viruses.

That makes it more difficult to determine if the coronavirus is a natural phenomenon or a bioweapon. However, there is no question that the pandemic response has been manipulated by conspirators.

As I write this, the U.S. government is involved in several international conspiracies, including conspiracies to crush China, Iran and Venezuela. All three conspiracies involve the coronavirus. More recently, Donald Trump declared war on the World Health Organization (WHO), apparently because it refuses to toe the party line by painting China as the source of COVID-19.


Of course, no one wants to destroy Iran more than the Jews, and Jews have also been leading players in the subjugation and oppression of Latin America. Jews have a lot to lose in a high-tech war with China as well.


This book is a combination of fact and theory. The theory is a reminder that I don’t have all the facts, any more than you do.


Book I explores a variety of conspiracy theories, with an emphasis on the origin of COVID-19, the manipulation of the pandemic as a weapon against China, Iran and Venezuela, and the U.S. government’s lockdown and stimulus package.

In Book II, I unveil a conspiracy theory so insanely big, complex and sinister, it can’t possibly be valid—unless you believe some of those crazy conspiracy theories still swirling around both world wars and the Bolshevik Revolution.

Even if my mega-conspiracy theory isn’t airtight, portions of it are glaringly true. (Conspiracies can be complex beasts, and it’s absolutely possible for a conspiracy theory to be partially correct and partly incorrect at the same time.)


Don’t ignore the appendix! It features a dynamite article about bioweapons.

Of special interest to me is a partial list of books about Coronavirus I gleaned from in early April. The propaganda and conspiracy theories will only continue to multiply, but one book will be conspicuously missing from Amazon’s book shelves—the book you’re reading now. Amazon doesn’t like books that have anything critical to say about Jews. Even without the Jewish angle, this book probably isn’t similar to anything sold via Amazon.

At any rate, enough Coronavirus guides have been written to keep you busy for a long time. Feel free to wade through them, and see if you can figure out which author is closest to the truth.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the news, paying particular attention to China, Iran and Venezuela. Unfolding world events could validate my theory.

It’s also possible that my theory won’t pan out. That could either mean I’m wrong, or this particular mega-conspiracy simply didn’t work as intended. In that respect, it would be very similar to Donald Trump’s anti-Chinese trade war and his even more deranged war against Huawei, both of which have blown up in his face.

(Actually, the corporate media are now crowing about Huawei’s demise. But the story is far more complex than they want you to know, and Trump could wind up eating crow once again.)

In the end, it isn’t just about being right or wrong, but being right or wrong for the right reasons. And I promise I’m neither 100% right nor 100% wrong.

* * * * *

And another thing!

I should mention that I wrote this book in some haste while working a very physical day job, running for public office and working on several other projects at the same time. I think I began working on it towards the end of March 2020, and I published it on June 1, 2020.

In short, I wanted to get it published and in circulation as soon as possible. The tradeoff is that it isn’t as polished as most of my books.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty happy with the result.

It’s also worth noting that some really big things happened just days before this book was published.

America was overwhelmed by protests and riots inspired by the cold-blooded murder of George Floyd by a killer cop in Minneapolis. I support the protesters, and I hope that cop and his companions get what’s coming to them. Ditto for their supporters.

About the same time, pResident Donald Trump threw caution to the wind and all but declared war on China. To get a feel for just how tense and unpredictable the situation is, check out the two articles linked to below.

The first is written by an unhinged right-winger (apparently a Zionist, and quite likely a Jew). The second author, George Koo, weighs in on China’s side.

There’s no turning back now.

Origin of “Jew Flu” ˆ

I was proud of myself for coining the term “Jew flu.” It can certainly hold its own with “plandemic.”

Alas, it turns out the term was floating around long before I published this book, promoted by Semites.

Arabs apparently referred to the swine flu as the Jew flu over a decade ago. About the same time, Haaretz published an article titled “The Jew Flu: The Strange Illness of Jewish anti-Semitism” (Uzi Silber, Dec. 31, 2008).

Leave it to the Jews to scramble our vocabulary. The irony is that it isn’t clear if the author is even a Semite. He may be an Ashkenazi Jew, which many people do not regard as Semites.

Semite or not, the Jews have butchered the term “anti-Semitism” beyond recognition. On top of that, the author is accusing Jews of antisemitism.

I didn’t bother reading the article, but it sounds like the author is launching yet another tirade against “self-hating Jews,” a term commonly applied to Jews who are smart enough to realize there are some problems in their community. Similarly, Americans who are anti-war or who criticize their government are commonly deemed “self-hating Americans” or “self-hating liberals.” Whatever.

The term “Jew flu” has similarly become attached to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic without my help. An article in International Business Times says 20% of Britons believe COVID-19 (aka “Jew Flu”) was created by Jews.

An article in European Jewish Press similarly embraces the term “Jew flu” as yet another “antisemitic trope,” noting that Adolf Hitler characterized Jews as vermin and diseases. (Frankly, I think of them as global parasites.)

Kenneth Waltzer similarly drones on and on about the poor demonized Jews in an article in The Times of Israel. His article ends “‘It’s not Chinese but a Jew flu.’ And so it goes….”

Funny, I didn’t hear the Jews complaining about Donald Trump branding the disease the Chinese flu. As a matter of fact, no one screamed that epithet louder than an army of Jewish media whores. Double standard, anyone?

At any rate, don’t let anyone tell you I arrogantly took credit for coining the term “Jew flu.” It would appear that the term was coined by Semites, after which the Jews adopted it and gave it their own perverted meaning. Frankly, I prefer the Semites’ definition.

P.S. On second thought, I was plugging my book long before it was published. And so it’s possible that the more recent articles about “Jew flu” were inspired by my forthcoming book. You might think of them as a pre-emptive strike. After all, I got more publicity in Israel than in Seattle when I ran for Governor in 2016.

A Note About Fear ˆ


Some observers believe the coronavirus response and statistics are being greatly exaggerated in order to spread fear, which can be debilitating. The irony is that the cure may be worse than the disease, and some of the theories explaining both current events and the coming aftermath are downright bone-chilling.

What can I say?

If you can’t handle the truth, then don’t read this book. But if you have children, you have an obligation to protect them, and ignorance is a poor defense.

Let me offer a personal perspective that I often use to boost my courage…

Imagine going to a doctor who examines you, then makes a grim diagnosis: terminal cancer. But there’s a catch: He or she doesn’t tell you.

And so you endure a long, painful purgatory before you die, never knowing what hit you.

Most rational people want their doctor to tell them the truth, no matter how terrible. If there’s no hope, then we can at least spare our loved ones a little pain by preparing for the end.

We should also remember that life works in mysterious ways, and things aren’t always as hopeless as they seem. People sometimes make “miraculous” recoveries, and the coronavirus conspiracy could conceivably blow up in the conspirators’ arrogant faces.

In particular, the blatant manipulation of the coronavirus pandemicTM could and should nurture even greater distrust and hatred of the two biggest terrorist states, the United States and Israel, along with corporations and, most of all, Jews (or Jewarchists).

It would be even better if this mega-conspiracy convinced people once and for all that they’ve been brainwashed, and they’re going to have to start thinking outside the box and questioning things they’be been taught since childhood if we are to survive.

Even if the coronavirus had never made an entrance on life’s stage, we’d still be up to our eyeballs in global problems that are spiraling out of control, from corporate corruption to climate change to global population growth, all exploited by the Jews.

Rather than continue ignoring the obvious, dumping all our problems on the next generation, maybe it’s time to grow a backbone and either make that long overdue global revolution happen or die with our boots on.

If we find ourselves fighting World War III, let’s at least make sure we’re aiming at the enemy for a change, rather than fighting each other.


If you won’t fight to protect your children, who will?

Conventions ˆ

Finally, a few notes about the conventions I followed in this book.

Links to online resources are highlighted, like this: That’s simply a reminder to NOT click that particular link if you don’t have an Internet connection.

I did not prepare a formal list of references or a rigid footnote structure. I simply inserted helpful links here and there. There are many more online resources that you can explore.

I own the copyright on most of the images in this book. There are a few images taken from the Creative Commons, which are labeled accordingly.

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