What caused COVID-19?

When the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2, aka COVID-19) first began making headlines, millions of people around the world suspected a conspiracy. I was one of them.


In fact, I was frankly amazed at the blizzard of conspiracy theories that swirled all around me from the very beginning. I heard people warning about martial law, massive rioting and a one-world government. I heard people ranting about some kind of vaccine tattoo being touted by none other than St. Bill Gates.

I loved it! Many of the conspiracy theories struck me as a little out there. But, hey, any conspiracy theory has to be better than the delusional belief that conspiracy doesn’t even exist.

Moreover, I found myself humbled on more than one occasion. For example, Bill Gates apparently really is promoting a vaccine tattoo. More about that later.

Moreover, my master Coronavirus conspiracy theory is bigger than all the conspiracy theories mentioned above combined. But can I assemble enough pieces to the puzzle to make a convincing case?

Before we focus on the big picture, let’s consider a question that authorities around the world still haven’t answered: What is the origin of COVID-19?

(The virus is officially named SARS-CoV-2. COVID-19 is the name of the disease caused by the virus. However, I tend to lump the virus and disease together under the more familiar name, COVID-19.)

We can begin with two primary theories:

  1. COVID-19 is a naturally occurring virus.
  2. COVID-19 was manufactured in a laboratory.

Each of these theories can in turn be subdivided into additional theories.

If COVID-19 is a naturally occurring virus, did it—as some claim—originate in Chinese bats? Or did it originate in some other species? And could it have originated outside China?


The second theory spawned two competing theories:

  1. COVID-19 escaped from a Chinese laboratory.
  2. COVID-19 is a bioweapon, probably made in the USA…or perhaps Israel.

As China placed Hubei province under lockdown in January, the Washington Times cited research by former Israeli military intelligence officer Dany Shoham to argue that “Coronavirus may have originated in lab linked to China’s biowarfare program” in Wuhan, Hubei’s capital.

However, more enlightened people are more likely to believe that the virus was made in the West.

It’s a tough case to solve, because I’m not an expert on viruses or the health sciences, and you probably aren’t, either. We’re almost forced to believe whatever the authorities tell us, but which authority should we believe—the U.S. government? China? Russia?

God forbid that we listen to the family doctor. Oops, I forgot—family doctors don’t exist any more. They were long ago replaced by corporate-run health maintenance organizations (HMO’s).

* * * * *

Karl Popper was a Jewish propagandist masquerading as a philosopher of science. He made some amazingly clueless (dare I say stupid?) statements.

For example, Popper conceded that conspiracies do occur, but he insisted that we should ignore them. He was apparently afraid that paying too much attention to conspiracy might warp our view of history. Only the great Sir Karl Popper knew how history really works.

Popper was a big fan of the doctrine of falsification. In a nutshell, instead of attempting to prove a scientific theory, we can often save time by disproving it. As an aside, Popper noted that conspiracy theories can’t be falsified. Therefore, he reasoned, conspiracy theories can’t be true.

In fact, conspiracies are historical events, and history, in general, can’t be falsified. If some Roman general claimed that his army killed two dozen German soldiers on a certain day several centuries ago, how are we supposed to falsify his statement?

Yet there are some situations where falsification can be a very useful tool. Take COVID-19, for example.

If we could prove that the scientific knowledge needed to create a virus doesn’t exist, then we could automatically dismiss the theory that COVID-19 was made in a laboratory.

Whether or not the technology to create a virus from scratch exists is something I don’t know. But it IS possible to tinker with viruses. (Whether or not this technology borrows from the genetically modified organisms promoted by Monsanto and Bill Gates is an intriguing question.)

One of the biggest debates swirling around COVID-19 is whether or not it was created in a laboratory. Some scientists (or pseudo-scientists) claim that there’s evidence that it could not have been created in a lab.

Notice that no one is saying viruses cannot be engineered in a lab, period.

Verdict: If it’s possible to manipulate viruses in a laboratory, then all cards are on the table. Our theory that COVID-19 was made in the laboratory has wings.

To cover my bases, I should point out that biotechnology is a moving target, and it’s impossible to know all that is known about the field. We should therefore accept the possibility that scientists do indeed have the ability to create viruses from scratch. If the recipe for creating viruses doesn’t yet exist, it could well be pioneered in the future.

And so we find ourselves with three primary theories:

  1. COVID-19 is a naturally occurring virus.
  2. COVID-19 escaped from a Chinese laboratory.
  3. COVID-19 was made outside China, likely in the U.S. or Israel.
Origins of Coronavirus

But without a PhD in virology or sworn testimony from the CIA and Mossad, we appear to wind up at a dead end. Is this a mystery that can be solved only by flipping a coin or tossing some dice?

Team USA vs WHO ˆ

In one corner, we have Donald Trump, Inc. and the wholesome, patriotic media spitfire, Voice of America. In the other corner are the World Health Organization and the Five Eyes…er, Four Eyes.

Voice of America ˆ

Voice of America

Surely, an institution like Voice of America (VOA) should be able to point us in the right direction.

In an article titled “Iran, China Amplify Each Other’s Allegations of US Coronavirus Culpability” (March 24, 2020), Voice of America accused Iran and China of “amplifying each other’s allegations that the United States initiated the coronavirus pandemic,” adding that “both countries have used their state-approved media to highlight shared narratives rejected as false by Washington.”

According to the article, Beijing’s most outspoken proponent of the theory that the coronavirus was brought to Wuhan by U.S. military personnel is Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lijian Zhao. Hossein Salami—head of Iran’s most powerful military force, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps—is cited as the first prominent Iranian official to allege that the coronavirus is a U.S. bioweapon.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reportedly posted a March 13 tweet saying there was “evidence that suggests the likelihood of this being a biological attack.” His charge was repeated in a March 22 televised speech.

The theory that Coronavirus was made in the USA has also been promoted by GlobalResearch.ca, which VOA describes as a “conspiracy theory website.”

Speaking of conspiracy, how trustworthy is Voice of America? It gets a pretty good rating in a Wikipedia article, but astute conspiracy theorists know that Wikipedia is working for the Jews.

VOA is headquartered in the Wilbur J. Cohen Building in Washington, D.C. Cohen is a very common Jewish name.

Wilbur Cohen was once dubbed “The Man Who Built Medicare” (as an alternative to universal health care?). He served as U.S. Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare under pResident Lyndon B. Johnson.

Voice of America’s current director is Amanda Bennett, a media whore who graduated from Harvard before spending twenty-three years with the Wall Street Journal. Harvard—arguably the most corrupt educational institution on the planet—and Wall Street are both controlled by the Jews.

From 2006-2013, Bennett was executive director at Bloomberg News, named for co-founder Michael Bloomberg, a Jew who served as Mayor of New York City before becoming a short-lived candidate for U.S. pResident. Bloomberg’s net worth is about $62 billion, making him vastly richer than Donald Trump, at $3 billion the richest pResident in U.S. history.

If Voice of America is really a voice for truth, it would call itself Voice of the Jews, or perhaps Voice of Israel.

On the other hand, can we really trust the governments of China and Iran? Do they have evidence to back up their claims, or are they just answering propaganda with propaganda?

Are we resigned to flipping a coin after all?

World Health Organization ˆ

World Health Organization

One organization that’s keeping an open mind is the World Health Organization (WHO). Rather than play the blame game, the WHO insists that the origin of COVID-19 remains a mystery.

Ironically, the WHO itself has become the center of a conspiracy. On April 14, 2020, pResident Donald Trump announced that he was cutting off funding of the WHO.

Defunding the WHO in the middle of a global pandemic? Even The Donald can’t be THAT insane. Why would Trump declare war on the WHO?

The official word is that the U.S. government is furious with China’s “lack of transparency” in its handling of the coronavirus. In particular, the West accuses China’s government of dragging its feet and trying to suppress valuable information about Coronavirus. Several Coronavirus whistle-blowers have even reportedly disappeared.

The WHO is seen as China’s accomplice.

The charges are laid out clearly in an article titled “China’s deadly coronavirus-lie co-conspirator — the World Health Organization” (Nicholas Eberstadt and Dan Blumenthal, New York Post, April 2, 2020). The authors (both of whom appear to be Jews) claim that two facts can be seen through the fog of the coronavirus war:

“First, China’s Communist authorities have lied, concealed and misled about the origins of the epidemic and the toll of the virus in China. Second, the World Health Organization has acted as Beijing’s handmaid.”

But how true are these claims?

A rebuttal is found in the article “‘We Alerted The World’ To Coronavirus On Jan. 5, WHO Says In Response To U.S,” (Bill Chappell, NPR, April 15, 2020).

Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme, said, “In the first weeks of January, the WHO was very, very clear.” He continued,

“We alerted the world on January the 5th. Systems around the world, including the U.S., began to activate their incident management systems on January the 6th. And through the next number of weeks, we’ve produced multiple updates to countries, including briefing multiple governments, multiple scientists around the world, on the developing situation — and that is what it was, a developing situation.”

“The virus was identified on January the 7th. The [genetic] sequence was shared on the 12th with the world.” — Dr. Mike Ryan

In early January, Corvid-19 was known only through a cluster of atypical pneumonia cases (pneumonia with an unknown origin). There are millions of cases of atypical pneumonia around the world every year, and January was in the middle of an influenza season. Dr. Ryan said it was therefore “quite remarkable” that a cluster of forty-one confirmed cases was singled out in Wuhan, China.

It has also been noted that Donald Trump repeatedly praised China’s response to Coronavirus in February. Moreover, even if the U.S. government’s charges against Beijing were true, was China’s conduct any worse than Donald Trump’s?

The Four Eyes ˆ

Not long before this book was published, I discovered an interesting article titled “Five Eyes network contradicts theory Covid-19 leaked from lab” (Dan Sabbagh, The Guardian, May 4, 2020). As you may know, the term Five Eyes is a nickname for the five most prominent English-speaking nations that, together with Israel, make up the Anglo-Zionist Empire—the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

If Uncle Sam’s closest allies are rejecting the Chinese lab theory, then my skepticism is going to increase accordingly.

Foreign Observers ˆ

Specialists in other countries, including Taiwan, Japan and the United Kingdom, have claimed that COVID-19 originated in the United States. In particular, a phylogenetic study indicates that the parent strain is more closely associated with the U.S., with China primarily harboring a daughter strain.

The two articles below offer more details.

The obvious problem is that few readers know enough about virology and/or conspiracy to really understand some of the technical jargon, let alone figure out if it’s true.

But there is supportive evidence. French doctors claim Coronavirus was present in France in November, 2019 (“France had Covid-19 in November, hospital says after analysis of chest scans,” Holly Chik, South China Morning Post, May 8, 2020).

There are also reports that U.S. intelligence agencies started tracking the coronavirus outbreak as early as November (“US intelligence agencies started tracking coronavirus outbreak in China as early as November,” Zachary Cohen, Jim Sciutto, Alex Marquardt and Evan Perez; CNN, April 9, 2020). However, they claim they tracked the outbreak in China.

Is this just a bogus claim inspired by the French claim? In other words, French doctors revealed evidence of COVID-19 in France in November. That doesn’t square with the official U.S. narrative, so the CIA cooks up a story about its agents tracking COVID-19 in China in November.

However, it’s a little sloppy, because it makes it harder to explain why Donald Trump was so slow to take action. Was he taking a two-month nap during November and December?

Harvard vs Microsoft ˆ

One conspiracy theory making the rounds names a Harvard chemist named Charles M. Lieber as the creator of COVID-19.

Any conspiracy theory involving Harvard gets my attention. Harvard is arguably the most corrupt educational institution on the planet. Harvard is effectively owned by the Jews.

Not surprisingly, Lieber is a Jew. Nor was I surprised to learn that yet another Harvard Jew was on the wrong side of the law.

Charles Lieber was awarded Israel’s prestigious Wolf Prize in 2011 or 2012.

On January 28, 2020, Lieber was arrested on charges of making false statements to the U.S. Department of Defense and to Harvard investigators regarding his participation in China’s Thousand Talents Program. Created by the Chinese government to pay foreign scientists for access to their research, the Thousand Talents Program is deemed by some a threat to U.S. national security.

The FBI searched Lieber’s home as well.

The plot thickens: Lieber reportedly participated in Chinese government research programs in Wuhan, the very city where COVID-19 allegedly first appeared. And take another look at the date of Lieber’s arrest—January 28, 2020, shortly after COVID-19 began making headlines.

However, Lieber has not been charged with any crimes related to Coronavirus.

His most passionate supporters not surprisingly include Harvard (“As Coronavirus Spreads, False Theories Linking Harvard Professor Lieber to Disease’s Origin Proliferate Online,” James S. Bikales and Kevin R. Chen, The Harvard Crimson, April 15, 2020). Which only makes me more suspicious. No one laughs at the law harder than Harvard Jews.

(See also “Harvard University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Separate China Related Cases,” U.S. Dept. of Justice, Jan. 28, 2020)

Bill Gates

But Lieber is sidelined by another Harvard alumnus, Bill Gates.

Gates, of course, is renowned for his cosmic arrogance, greed and kookiness. He is known for his weird obsession with vaccinations and his cheerleading for genetically modified food.

Many people believe Bill Gates is a so-called crypto-Jew. He and his lawyer father certainly surround themselves with some of the world’s sleaziest Jews, from Steve Balmer to Jack Abramoff to John Hamer.

Follow the Money

We’re about to explore a shadowy world of patent games and shell companies, starring Bill Gates and his Jewish sidekick, Nathan Myrhvold.

There are a variety of conspiracy theories alleging that a patent on the coronavirus, or a patent on a coronavirus vaccine, is owned by Bill Gates, the Gates Foundation or the Pirbright Institute, which has ties to the Gates Foundation.

While these conspiracy theories are broadcast far and wide on the Internet, the corporate/Jewish media not surprisingly laugh off such claims.

At first glance, this looks like a dream for a conspiracy sleuth. All you have to do is verify that a particular individual or organization owns a patent on COVID-19, and you’ve solved one of history’s biggest crimes.

But there’s a catch: Do you really think Bill Gates would be stupid enough to personally file a patent on COVID-19?

To put it in perspective, Gates owns lots of properties scattered around the United States (and probably the world). Yet it can be fiendishly difficult to track down these properties, because Gates buys them through “shell companies”—inactive companies used as vehicles for various financial maneuvers or kept dormant for future use in some other capacity.

Just type “Bill Gates” + “shell company” into a search engine, and you’ll find some intriguing resources.

Consider the following passages from a web page created by the WWALS Watershed Coalition (Agricultural Land Bought by West Coast Investors).

“Investment firms owned by Bill Gates have bought thousands of acres of agricultural land in counties in or near WWALS watersheds in south Georgia and north Florida, all above the Floridan Aquifer, near the Alapaha, Alapahoochee, Withlacoochee, and Suwannee Rivers, as part of a nationwide buying spree of a quarter million acres. . . .

“We also hear, but have not confirmed, that other investors are buying land and later transferring it to one of the Gates companies. . . .

“The east side of Lake Park and east of Naylor: acreage bought by a shell of a shell of a shell of Bill Gates’ investment company in the past two years.”

Shell companies can also be used as vehicles for acquiring patents. If you think the shell-within-a-shells managing Bill Gates’ land acquisition spree are confusing, hold your breath.

Let’s begin with this passage from another website:

“Microsoft founder Bill Gates appears as a principal applicant on a patent published last week by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, but the concept in question isn’t computer-based; it’s an electromagnetic combustion engine. The patent appears in the name of a Delaware-based LLC named ‘Searete,’ a purported shell company for joint-patent filings.”

These two sentences reek of conspiracy.

Now that we’ve met Searete, let’s meet Nathan Myhrvold. From an article titled “Bill Gates’ New Career? Patent Troll For Nathan Myhrvold?” (Mike Masnick, TechDirt, Nov. 10, 2008):

“So, what’s Searete? Well, it appears (warning: PDF file) that it’s one of the many ultra secret shell front companies for Nathan Myhrvold’s Intellectual Ventures, a company that unabashedly plans to be a huge patent tollbooth on just about any kind of innovation. We’ve already noted that he’s been setting up shell companies as part of the operation’s secrecy.”

Note that this article was published way back in 2008. Bill Gates and Nathan Myhrvold have had plenty of time to play games since then. Here’s an article from 2012: “The inner workings of a patent troll: Intellectual Ventures uncovered.”

Nathan Myhrvold, by the way, is Microsoft’s former chief technology officer. Like Bill Gates, he was born in Seattle. He’s also a Jew.

Gates is one of the investors in Intellectual Ventures (IV). IV was a patent company before it switched to serving as an investment vehicle in inventors and technological ventures.

IV is headquartered in Bellevue, which is more or less a posh suburb of Seattle. I typed “Intellectual Ventures” into Google and found virtually no pictures of the outside of the building. Intrigued, I grabbed my new Huawei smartphone and headed to Bellevue.

Below are six photos that, I think, confirm that IV is a little creepy. And if you aren’t convinced, check out IV’s futurist tour guide, Pablo Holman. I’ve seen that weirdo in person; that’s how he dresses on the dance floor.

The address is 3150 139th Ave SE, Building 4 Bellevue, WA 98005. But you won’t see Intellectual Ventures along 139th Ave SE, which is on the left in the photo below.

First impression

Instead, it’s one of three properties that are tucked away, surrounding a plaza.

Stage right...

And so you walk to the right, and there it is.

The building

But there are no signs identifying the building…

A little closer...

At least not until we get to the front door. To the right of the door is a sign that features the elusive one’s name in tiny letters.

Innocuous sign

I concluded my investigation with this photo of the main entrance. You can’t go behind the building; it’s chained.

The main entrance

Bill Gates and IV are reportedly funding the microchip implant vaccine technology that we’ll learn about in another chapter.

In 2016, Bill Gates made what was purportedly his first-ever investment in Israel (“Bill Gates among investors in new Israeli tech incubator,” Globes/Gali Weinreb and Yaniv Magal, Jerusalem Post, June 21, 2016).

“Bill Gates has invested indirectly in a newly established technological incubator for the development of medical devices, sources inform ‘Globes.’ As far as is known, this is Gates first-ever investment in Israel.”

The partners in the high-tech incubator include Boston Scientific, the Sheba Medical Center, and Intellectual Ventures.

The plot becomes ever more confusing even as it thickens. And we’re far from finished.

Suppose we find an incriminating patent that cites Bill Gates, the Gates Foundation, Charles Lieber, Nathan Myhrvold, Searete, Intellectual Ventures, Pirbright or some whorehouse co-owned by Bill Gates and his Jewish pal Jeffrey Epstein. Exactly what does the patent specify, COVID-19 or “Coronavirus”? And are we talking about a vaccine on the virus itself or a patent for a virus vaccine?

You see, COVID-19 is just one type of Coronavirus. Coronaviruses were known before COVID-19 came along, so it would be possible to patent a Coronavirus vaccine even before COVID-19 was known.

Would it be possible to patent a coronavirus vaccine, then modify it into a COVID-19 vaccine? Could a corporate attorney word the language on a patent so that it covers COVID-19 without mentioning COVID-19 or citing its genome?

In fact, an article in USA Today notes that the Pirbright Institute holds a patent for a coronavirus that primarily affects chickens.

“‘The Institute was granted a patent in 2018 which covers the development of an attenuated (weakened) form of the coronavirus that could potentially be used as a vaccine to prevent respiratory diseases in birds, including IBV, and other animals,’ a representative from the Pirbright Institute told USA TODAY.”

Here’s a link to a PDF file — https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/31/23/d0/e63e0adde2fbad/US10130701.pdf.

To cut to the chase, I haven’t found a link to a patent that clearly spells out a connection between Bill Gates (or any other individual or organization) and COVID-19. Maybe I missed something that’s right under my nose. If you’re aware of such a patent, please contact me immediately.

In the meantime, please don’t misinterpret my words. Just because there’s no smoking gun linking Bill Gates to COVID-19 doesn’t mean he isn’t linked to COVID-19.

On the contrary, I think the evidence pointing at Bill Gates is rather overwhelming. He has the motive, means and opportunity, along with one helluva track record, and he has already somehow made billions of dollars from Coronavirus. His political-corporate-Jewish connections are off the chart.

As they say, the devil is in the details, and there’s no better suspect than Bill Gates, who may also be in cahoots with Charles Lieber for all we know.

Charles Lieber and St. Bill Gates

Left to right: Charles Lieber, St. Bill Gates and Nathan “Mad Scientist” Myrhvold (Lieber photo — By Kris Snibbe – Kris Snibbe/Harvard Public Affairs & Communications, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=52925789; Myrhvold photo By Nuclear Regulatory Commission from US – #NRCRIC2019 – Special Guest Nathan Myhrvold, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=77374132

The Seattle Connection ˆ

Bill Gates and Intellectual ventures aren’t the only things linking the coronavirus to Seattle.

In fact, the first official Coronavirus fatality in the U.S. was at first believed to be a man who lived in Snohomish County, which borders King County, the home of Seattle. The man was in his 50’s and had underlying health issues. He died at EvergreenHealth Hospital in Kirkland, a suburb east of Seattle, on February 28.

The next day, a man in his 70’s with underlying health problems died at the same hospital. He had been a resident at Life Care Center, a Kirkland nursing home. At the time of his death, three other Life Care Center patients were also hospitalized with Coronavirus. Their ages ranged from the 70’s to 90’s, and all had other health issues.

Before long, a whopping thirty-seven deaths attributed to Coronavirus were linked to Life Care Center. (Coincidentally, thirty-seven candidates filed to run for the office of Washington State Governor in May.)

The nursing home came under fire when it was revealed that staff members had failed to notify state officials about the increasing rate of respiratory infections among residents, failed to rapidly identify and manage ill residents and failed to have a backup plan after the facility’s primary clinician fell ill. There was also a suggestion that the nursing home had problems with record keeping.

Life Care Center faced a fine of more than $600,000 and other sanctions.

There was an early warning the previous year. A report showed that Life Care Center in 2019 failed to hold “consistent or effective” quality assurance and performance improvement (QAPI) meetings, which are intended to flag infection control and other issues.

Life Care officials said staff noticed a respiratory outbreak by February 10. Interviews and call logs suggest COVID-19 could have appeared in the facility even sooner.

Genetic sequencing suggests the coronavirus may have been circulating in Washington since the middle of January. According to Trevor Bedford, a computational biologist at Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, two samples of the virus that were analyzed were nearly identical. One sample came from a person who traveled to Snohomish County in January from China, while the other was taken from a high school student with no history of travel to an affected area or contacts with known cases.

Missed Opportunity

Dr. Helen Y. Chu is an infectious disease expert at Seattle’s University of Washington. She might have been America’s first line of defense against Coronavirus.

As part of a research project into the flu, Dr. Chu and a team of researchers had collected nasal swabs from Puget Sound region residents who were experiencing symptoms.

When Coronavirus reared its ugly head, Dr. Chu quickly realized the samples could be tested for that disease. All she needed was the support of state and federal officials.

But those officials repeatedly rejected her idea.

By Feb. 25, Dr. Chu and her colleagues had had enough. Fed up with the stonewalling bureaucracy, they began performing Coronavirus tests, without government approval.

“It must have been here this entire time. It’s just everywhere already.” — Dr. Helen Y. Chu

They quickly had a positive test from a local teenager with no recent travel history. That stunning result confirmed their worst fear: The coronavirus had already established itself on American soil without anybody realizing it.

Federal and state officials said the flu study could not be repurposed because it did not have explicit permission from research subjects. In addition, the labs weren’t certified for clinical work.

Were stonewalling bureaucrats just following the rules, or did certain powerful people want Dr. Chu’s study crushed?

Dr. Chu and other health experts argued that there should be more flexibility in an emergency that threatened so many lives.

Eventually, state regulators told Dr. Chu and her team to stop testing altogether. Local officials across the country were left to work in the dark as the invisible crisis grew exponentially.

The government rescue operation would be further hampered by flawed test kits and burdensome rules.

For more information about Dr. Chu’s role, read “How Government Red Tape Stymied Testing and Made the Coronavirus Epidemic Worse” (Ronald Bailey, Reason, March 11, 2020).

California ˆ

It turns out the Snohomish County man who was registered as the first victim of COVID-19 in the U.S. wasn’t the first after all. A person died at home in Santa Clara County, California on February 6, a full three weeks before the Snohomish victim.

In fact, three Californians died before the Snohomish County man. Neither of the two who died in February had a history of travel, suggesting a local infection.

According to Dr. Sara Cody, Santa Clara County’s public health officer (as quoted in “First known U.S. coronavirus death occurred on Feb. 6 in Santa Clara County,” Erin Alliday and Matt Kawahara, San Francisco Chronicle, April 22, 2020),

“What it means is we had coronavirus circulating in the community much earlier than we had documented and much earlier than we had thought, Those deaths probably represent many, many more infections. And so there had to be chains of transmission that go back much earlier.”

In other words, the travel ban the U.S. government implemented in late January was too late—assuming the coronavirus originated outside the U.S., of course.

Virginia: 2019 ˆ

Map of Springfield

Something strange happened at Greenspring Retirement Community in Springfield, Virginia in July 2019, half a year before people were diagnosed with COVID-19 on the West Coast.

Almost a quarter of the residents were diagnosed with a respiratory illness, which killed at least three. At least nineteen employees also reported symptoms. (See “3 dead, new total of sickened individuals reported at Greenspring Retirement Community,”ABC7, July 16, 2019.)

Benjamin Schwartz, a health department director, stated that,

“Seeing a respiratory outbreak in a long-term care facility is not odd [but] one thing that’s different about this outbreak is just that it’s occurring in the summer when, usually, we don’t have a lot of respiratory disease.”

Conspiratologists were struck by the fact that Greenspring is located just one hour away from the infamous Fort Detrick, Maryland, where the U.S. government tinkers with bioweapons.

I was struck by the fact that the mysterious illness that struck Greenspring seemingly fell off the map. Surely, researchers would eventually identify the microbe or virus responsible for the incident, and the media would report it.

But I was unable to find any additional information online. I did learn that Greenspring was eventually hit by COVID-19. So if medical authorities were able to identify COVID-19 in 2020, why couldn’t they identify it six months earlier? Or are they convinced that the July incident was not caused by COVID-19?

If they still don’t have a clue what was behind the 2019 contagion, then shouldn’t the coronavirus pandemic make that front-page news?

On May 19, 2020, I contacted the Fairfax County Health Dept. @ health@fairfaxcounty.gov and the Greenspring Retirement Center @ https://www.ericksonliving.com/about/contact. I told them I was working on a book about COVID-19 and asked if investigators had determined the cause of the July 2019 illness. I also asked them if they had confirmed that it could not have been COVID-19.

Neither replied.

The plot thickens; the title of this article says it all: “Maryland, Virginia Refuse to Disclose Names of Long-Term Care Facilities with COVID-19 Outbreaks” (Jodie Fleischer, NBCWashington, April 22, 2020).

Return to Fort Detrick

But let’s go back to July 2019.

It turns out Fort Detrick was having problems at the same time people were dying at Greenspring Retirement Community!

Check out the video “Concerns raised over U.S. Fort Detrick Lab as COVID-19 rages” (CGTN, May 16, 2020).

In short, there were two breaches, which led to the Centers for Disease and Control halting Fort Detrick’s high-level research. (The CDC sent a letter of concern on July 12, followed by a cease and desist letter July 15.) In fact, the two breaches counted as just as one of six departures from federal regulations for handling select agents and toxins.

Fort Detrick’s problems reportedly began in May 2018, when storms flooded and ruined an aging steam sterilization plant that the institute had been using to treat wastewater from its labs. The damage halted research for months, until the institute developed a new chemical decontamination system.

At the time of the 2019 incident, the Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) was conducting work with Ebola and the agents known to cause Tularemia, the plague and Venezuelan equine encephalitis.

Not until November did USAMRIID announce that it would restart its operations on a limited scale.

Fort Detrick was apparently shut down for four months! Adding to the concern was an official report, which contained significant redactions. What were they trying to hide?

Remember the post-9/11 anthrax attacks? The two highest profile suspects both worked at Fort Detrick. One of them was Steven Hatfill.

Hatfill and two other authors self-published Three Seconds Until Midnight, a book that examines current preparedness (or lack thereof) for a devastating future influenza pandemic. The book was published in November 2019, just weeks before the COVID-19 began making headlines.

You can learn more about Fort Detrick’s little adventure at “CDC Inspection Findings Reveal More about Fort Detrick Research Suspension” (Heather Mongilio, The Frederick News-Post, Nov. 24, 2019).

* * * * *

Just before I published this book, I stumbled across an interesting petition @ https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/petition-information-fort-detrick-1. The petition was closed and archived because it didn’t meet the signature requirements.

But what kind of time frame are we talking about? If the petition was posted on March 10, and it was terminated before this book was published on June 1, then it was active for less than three months.

And how well was the petition publicized? It appears the U.S. media may have begun discussing it only after it was archived.

Petition for information of Fort Detrick

Created by B.Z. on March 10, 2020

A series of conspicuous events,

7/2019, the top secret US army’s medical research institute of infectious diseases at Fort Detrick was closed;

8/2019, a large-scale “influenza” killed more than 10,000 people;

10/2019, the United States organized Event 201 – A Global Pandemic Exercise with the participation of the Deputy Director of CIA;

11/2019, pneumonia of undetermined origin was found in China;
2/2020, the epidemic in world broke out;

3/2020, a large number of English news reports about the close of Fort Detrick were deleted, displaying “404 not found” ;

Now we have reasons to ask the US government to publish the real reason for the close of Fort Detrick, to clarify whether the laboratory is the research unit for the new coronavirus “COVID19” and whether there is a virus leak.

The petition offers some intriguing new clues to investigate. Will they pan out?

I haven’t confirmed the claim about an August flu outbreak killing 10,000 people. However, it turns out there really was a conference called “Event 201: A Global Pandemic Exercise.” The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security partnered with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to host the exercise.

The conference website is still online @ www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201.

The John Hopkins Center is associated with the Bloomberg School of Health, named for a famous alumnus: The billionaire Jew Michael Bloomberg. Now where have we heard his name before?

Michael BloombergWhy should Michael Bloomberg worry about Coronavirus?

I haven’t verified the claim that large numbers of reports on the closing of Fort Detrick were deleted. However, I was struck by the fact that such a sensational event isn’t front page news. Even articles that note the proximity of Fort Detrick to the Virginia nursing home struck by a “mystery illness” don’t mention Fort Detrick’s recent shutdown.

Wuhan Military Games ˆ

The 2019 Military World Games, officially known as the 7th CISM Military World Games and commonly known as Wuhan 2019, was held from October 18–27, 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei, China. The first international military multi-sport event ever held in China, it involved nearly 10,000 athletes from over one hundred countries.

Wuhan, of course, is where the mainstream narrative insists COVID-19 originated, and the presence of U.S. military personnel in Wuhan is an obvious cause for suspicion.

The Americans were quartered near the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, where the first known cluster of COVID-19 cases occurred.

From Wikipedia’s article “2019 Military World Games,”

“After the COVID-19 pandemic, conspiracy theories about COVID-19 attributing the virus’ creation to the CIA emerged. Some articles on popular sites in Chinese have accused American athletes participating in the Wuhan Military World Games to have deployed the virus. They claim the inattentive attitude and disproportionately below average results of American athletes in the game indicate they might have been in for other purposes and they might actually be bio-warfare operatives, and that their place of residence during their stay in Wuhan was also close to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, where the first known cluster of cases occurred. Returning French athletes reported that a large number of athletes from different delegations had fallen ill with unusual symptoms during the games which some attribute to COVID-19; none have been tested, as military authorities asserted that it would be impossible in any event to determine exactly when the infection had occurred.”

The returning French soldiers tie in nicely with the COVID-19 cases that popped up in France in November. But did contestants catch the virus from American athletes or local Chinese?

The comment on Team USA’s poor performance is interesting. How bad did they do?

The U.S. came in 35th, behind Finland, Tunisia and Namibia. Tiny Latvia and Lithuania beat out Namibia. (See a list of rankings)

The Chinese reportedly called the lackluster competitors “Soy Sauce Soldiers.” According to an article in Veterans Today, many never even participated in any events. And it gets still more interesting: “No video or photos exist of the US team, no records were kept . . .”

Think about it. The U.S. boasts the biggest, most powerful military in the world. It loves to out-compete other nations in the Olympics, and it’s embroiled in a trade war with China. How could it not place in the top three? And didn’t any team members have Huawei smartphones, with which they could have taken some wonderful photos and videos?

Were members of Team USA chosen for something other than their athletic abilities?

Verdict? ˆ

At this point, I’m leaning towards the theory that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is a bioweapon created in a laboratory. Like the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it was probably a join venture between Israel and the U.S.

But can we find any more evidence that supports this theory? And can we develop the theory any further, adding some details?

In the next chapter, we’ll learn how to frame conspiracy theories. After that we’ll explore the wild manipulation of the pandemic by U.S./Jewish interests. I’ll then present my final theory at the end of Book I.

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